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  1. I dont know anything about red x uppers yet ,i just bought a 300 black out.i have a couple of friends that have built several rifles from thier uppers and havent had a bit of problems with them.these are guys i know that shoot 500 to 600 yards out,some are just point ,pull the trigger as fast as they can for thousands of rounds,no problems. I am 54 years old and bought parts from red jackets arms,when i could afford to buy from them.Everyone would ask who are they ? Are you sure you can trust them? i took a chance and it worked,so this is how i am going to work it.if his quality isnt up to parr; i wont buy from him.some of us ,i am one, who cant afford to pay 1700 to 3ooo per ar rifle gun.I look foward to seeing how it performs and will post pics.i have 14 ak's and dont have 200 to 400 a piece for them.some are maadi's,some centurys,some home builds,and one polytech. If i have a problem with it i will fix it if it isnt to bad. I also had a friend who pased away who could built anything with anybody out there. Alway charged me next to nothing.He didnt do it to be famous and he didnt do it to fortune.i have seen him make guns that should be in a museum.i didnt understand the quite what the post was about before i posted,but i have a armalite ar180b polymer reciever. i have another friend who fired it and cracked the reciever,it turned out he was firing to hot of loads,i have heard of others who dropped thier rifle and broke the front part of reciever where it pinned to the upper. I dont know for sure ,but i havent heard of armalite doing anything about when thier lower broke. I'm not dogging polymer firearms either,they have there ups and downs.I havent heard alot of the poymer ar lowers;i dont know how they are and how good they are. I guess what i am trying to say is just because he doesnt have thousands and thousand of rifles out there,doesnt mean that he might not make a quality product. rick