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  1. I want something that is versatile really. Small submersible, lightweight, and with capability of mounting on a weaver rail somehow.
  2. Something small enough for my pocket but can hang on my rifle too. You know my situation, I always look for quality on a budget. I have Pelicans in the vehicles but they won't work for a pocket or rifle.
  3. Hey Steve!!! I've been in the market for a smaller light. I may have to take a look at these.
  4. Rail has been sold. Thanks for looking guys.
  5. Selling a lightly used Knights M4 RAS. Does not include grip or covers. This is a two piece drop in unit that uses original delta ring. No tooling required. This is the lightest quad rail I have ever used. Asking $150 plus shipping will ship for free for those with patron memberships. Will also consider trades for ammo or a few other things AR related. Let me know what you have if that's the route you wanna go. CURRENTLY sold pending funds. Will update as soon as I receive payment.
  6. TANGO420

    +1 for redbarron06

    A+ guy to deal with. Made the transaction very easy. Shipped on time and just like promised. Thanks again brother.
  7. Right on brother. Much appreciated. I'll check with ya next week.
  8. I only have about 100 rounds of .308 I could part with. I may be able to get some .223 but need to have an idea of how much you would want before I call in a favor. I also have $$$. Thanks for the congrats. Mama wants that baby out.
  9. Don't have much to offer but cash bro. Gotta baby due in a month so funds are tight. That's why I am looking for one that's used possibly. I found them for $225 but its about a six to twelve week wait for it. If you think you would be interested in parting with it it will go to good use. What do you think you would want for it?
  10. Did you use it and take it off or just not got a chance to install yet?? What color is it and also I'm fairly jealous.
  11. So I am in the market for the CASV-EL handguards. I need carbine length, preferably black but no biggy. I can buy a new set but figured I would check and see if anyone had a set sitting around. Let me know if you can help.
  12. TANGO420

    Not guilty!!!!

    http://tampa.cbslocal.com/2012/05/23/zimmerman-sanford-police-covered-up-beating-of-black-homeless-man-by-white-officer/ Sorry for the link but I'm mobile right now. Article shows GZ was no racist. Gonna be tough to probe it especially after this comes out.
  13. TANGO420

    5 Days of HWY 1

    Man great photos. Those rocks in the water sure look like the natural bridges near Santa Cruz, CA. You have a good eye buddy.
  14. TANGO420

    Liberal parents, UGHHHHH!

    You nailed it brother. My thoughts exactly.