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  1. I use woundering if they are any good? I'm looking for a complete upper chambered in 556. It shows that they have them in stock. I just haven't heard anything about their uppers.
  2. I'm looking in the 400-600 range. I was looking at Spikes, but they don't have what I want in-stock.
  3. I was looking at the RGUNS complete uppers. Has anyone used or know if they are worth using?
  4. What about the Burris AR-536? I was looking at this for my AR build. What do you guys think of this? http://www.valhallaarmory.com/Burris_AR_536_p/bur300210.htm I'm sure you can find it elsewhere. I like it due to it being a 5x. I was going to mount it on a quick release so I can remove it if I don't need.
  5. kmesaeh


    Has anyone done any business with this company or know anything about them? I'm looking to coat my AR. If I pay to have it done, I want to do it locally.
  6. Looks good! I'd much rather do it myself for the reason I can say I did it and have it the way I want it. Thanks for the help, it will be a little bit before I do it cause I only babe the lower at this time. I'm saving the money to get an upper. I'm looking at http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?ite...amp;groupid=586 when its available if I have the money.
  7. I'm looking to coat my AR in FDE, but I'm unable to find anywhere that offers that color. Anyone know of anywhere that dose?
  8. Checking in from Howell, new to the forum and to the AR family. I'm just starting a build. RGUNS stripped lower and Palmetto State Armory MOE lower build kit in FDE. The rest will have to wait till the funds are available.
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