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  1. I realized that I never updated this thread so I though I should incase someone else has the same issue. The adjustable gas block was a perfect fix. It was over gassed like crazy and my thought that the buffer was slamming the back of the tube way too hard was right on. When I took the gun back out I turned the gas all the way down and adjusted up from there. I took some cheap 308 and fired single shot (low gas) and then turned it up 2 clicks each time until it locked the bolt back. Then I adjusted back down to find the exact minimum gas point with this ammo. From there I turned it 2 clicks up and tried a whole array of different ammo to ensure everything would cycle. It did and the gun was tamed substantially! It was a pleasure to shoot after that instead of a pain! Thanks for the suggestion steelborn1!
  2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. To answer a few questions I am waiting on a 308 can already so check that off the list. I could pick up a few more calibers but it is somewhat convertible to different calibers so it should be flexible. I have considered the scar and for some reason it doesn't do it for me. I have a PSA AR10 and a DSA FAL and really enjoy both, and while I hear good things about the scar I do lean toward the traditional stylings of the M1a. My only problem their is optics. I like open sights on the FAL but it's nice to reach out to distances I can't squint since it's a 308. The higher end AR is also tempting...but the ar platform is so common now. Obviously for good reason and I don't want to be elitist but I am a sucker for unique and interesting stuff. Still unsure but certainly have some good ideas now.
  3. Hey all I am thinking of reducing my collection not in value but in number. I don't shoot all of my guns so I figure instead of having 3 of something I should just have 1 good one. Anyway starting with a 308 battle rifle. Budget: $3000 Goal: future family heirloom battle rifle Use: target, plinking, maybe hogs Special Considerations: would like something proven. Definitely would like it to hold value so being rare or a special configuration would be a bonus. What would you get? Post links or pics if possible. Thanks!
  4. Think of the man hours in that though Huge amounts of information and useful threads are and will remain lost access the internet. They are a business that can do what they wish but we can certainly be pissed about it.
  5. On some forums you can upload right at the reply window. Depends on the forum service they are running I am sure.
  6. No account type except the $399 one allows hotlinking reguardless of current storage amount. If you haven't been shut down it is matter of time.
  7. We don't want to go legal with them or we will see regulation in the future. What they did was legal and fine it is just business suicide. It does suck that it killed a decades worth of knowledge, which is unforgivable. Think about people that posted useful information and may even now be deceased. A legacy lost. Ideally they get destroyed...value drops...get bought out...new ownership restores all the content, changes the name, and becomes an internet hero.
  8. Anyone looked at the AR15 photo thread? It's a graveyard. Photobucket wants $400 a year to allow hotlinking photos to forum's and blogs etc. Any photos posted through Photobucket in the last decade or so have been replaced with an annoying message. The title was a bit clickbaity but seriously if you think of the number of detailed reviews and tutorial threads that have been destroyed by this move it is really a crazy event. Get ready to see this every time you go to an old thread ANYWHERE on the internet.
  9. When I was younger I bought what was essentially a car break in kit at a car swap meet. It has a dozen or so tools made to allow you access locked vehicles. I never intended to break into cars illegally just bought it because it seemed cool at the time. In all honesty it has been a great buy. I've used it probably 8-10 times to help out friends who have locked their keys in their vehicles. I also used to make my own lock picks like these out of hacksaw blades. It's amazing how easily I could pick out front door at the age of 12... I've never broken the law in that way but curiousity lead to an understanding of how not safe a house is.
  10. It uses early PSA parts so I am sure it's over gassed for guaranteed​ reliability with any ammo.
  11. According to what I am reading you shouldn't feel bolt bounce. The feeling is very pronounced. I will absolutely check that though. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I think you can get what you want at very affordable prices (sub 1000) but you have to build it likely. You also need to buy parts over 3-6 months to find deals on everything. My first build was >$900 with BCM bcg, FN hammer forged chrome lined barrel, palmetto upper, BCM gunfighter charging handle, the lower was cheap (Anderson) but no complaints, Magpul acr stock, Magpul grip, Magpul handguard, flip up Magpul mbus, it could use a better trigger but the PSA set is very useable. This was also back when prices were much higher than today (2012-2013) so today you could easily fit a decent free-float handguard and probably better trigger without going over $1000. I have a fun story (for me) with this rifle. After building it I was invited to go shoot on some land owned by my friends father in law. He had a custom built (by someone else) $3500 AR with a monolithic rail and all the flair you could ever want in a rifle. When we started shooting I was plinking with some cheap ammo while he loaded up and boasted about the rifle. First shot...bang...second shot...click. grabs the charging handle...bang...click...charging handle...bang...click. I grabbed some CLP from my toolbox and we made sure it was all wet...bang...click. I mentioned the gun might not like his ammo so we swapped a mag and my gun chewed through his ammo no problem while he went...bang...click. He certainly didn't have as much fun on that outing as I did. Obviously the old saying "You get what you pay for" still mostly holds true. My point is not that high end parts are bad. I am sure most of us here could take that gun and make it run like a singer sewing machine, but I am saying that you can get a lot for your money these days without breaking the bank. I've never been one to focus on brands I just get the parts that have good reviews and the best prices. So far this strategy has paid off.
  13. This is what I ended up getting. I will report back with results.
  14. Thanks for the recommendation. I actually already went ahead and ordered an Odin Works adjustable gas block. I went with the Odin works because it looks like a slim enough profile to fit under my somewhat tight diamondhead rail and it uses a detent system for adjusting. Most of the cheaper adjustable gas block use a gas screw and a setscrew to lock it in place from the side. Once my rail is on I won't be able to access the side setscrew so it would mean taking the rail off to adjust it later. The detent styles allow you to adjust to The fly with just access to the front and it will only be covered by about 1/2" of rail so that will be easy. I also plan to run a suppressor occasionally which will allow me to adjust the gas system accordingly without taking it apart. Seems like a very slick system that should solve the issue.
  15. That's a really good idea. Any budget recommendations? I went a little revolver crazy last month and can't justify an overly fancy replacement. It does have a diamondhead VRS free float handguard so clearance is a bit tight...
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