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  1. You know jtrain, when I started to read this I was getting a feeling that maybe you were an alright guy and there is just frustration going on from both sides. He is actually gonna be civil for an entire post. Then I got to your snide remark "You are clearly one of those people born with intimate knowledge of everything." You just can't help being arrogant and having a holier than thou attitude, can you? Just gotta keep festering the wound. By the way, don't forget: "You didn't build your business, the government built your business." and "Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that, the buck stops here. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006 Have a great day.
  2. jtrain, Hope you are having a great weekend. I appreciate the free offer. My wife and kids may, but I don't take handouts. Before I order the front site, I am getting further information. Amazon could't answer so they provided me with direct number to Mako (GMG is a Mako brand), which of course is closed over the weekend. Just so you know, your link to "Made in China" shows vests, apparel and bags. No reference to Mako, or Mako brand GMG, sights or gun accessories. Also, (words in red or red (") are copied and pasted from Mako Group website) As you can see, NOT a Chinese Company as you stated. "The Mako Group consists of former military, Secret Service agents and Special Forces soldiers. We have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve our lives and the lives of others." It is an American company - Some, if not all, manufactured in Israel... not China. "Advanced Swiss Polymer Adds Strength to Israeli-Made Mako Group Equipment Used to Fight Terror." "The Mako Group Real sweat. Real blood. Real combat accessories. The Mako Group, headquartered in Farmingdale, New York, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of unique weapon accessories, combat optics, holsters, and EOD and breaching products to Special Forces units, military, law enforcement agencies, SWAT teams and security organizations. Our innovative product selection is driven directly by our customers‘ specific needs. In addition to rigorous laboratory tests, our products have been tested under fire by elite professionals: our customers. The Mako Group consists of former military, Secret Service agents and Special Forces soldiers. We have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve our lives and the lives of others. For years The Mako Group, Meprolight, FAB Defense, and Front Line, Ltd. have designed, manufactured, and marketed the best combat optics, weapon accessories, and holsters for militaries and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Our products were developed to fill specific needs at the request of these organizations. This equipment has seen extensive real-world combat use by some of the most elite forces in the world. Few manufacturers can make this claim about their products. These are true combat-proven weapon accessories. Reliability, simplicity, and functionality are what count when your life depends on your equipment. Mako accessories are designed and built for situations where failure means death. They are combat tested and proven to work." "Registered Contractor to the US Department of Defense. CAGE: 3YKB7 DUNS: 151090573 TIN: 20-0322713 GSA Schedule Contract #: GS-07F-0523U DOD EMall Contract #: OPENMKT0736 NYC Vendor: 00024690301 - VENDEX Approved"
  3. OK jtrain. Thanks for trying to help the helpless. Unfortunately until things change in America there will always be alot more cheaper Chinese products than expensive American made. If I cannot trust what is said, and things in writing by them (Ie: lifetime warranty) then shame on them. If something doesn't work as advertised/written I expect them to issue a call tag and credit me, or provide me with the correct item. If they don't, and I buy from them again, then shame on me!! At least the rifle I purchased is made in my neighboring state of Minnesota. I can read between your lines "Your AWESOME DPMS Oracle" that you turn your nose up at it. Sorry man, but I can only please myself. Being disabled and forced into early retirement I cannot afford the luxury class of products that you can. For the price this is a nice rifle and it will serve it's purpose of protecting my decrepit self and family. You have a bodacious day and holiday weekend now.
  4. Wow jtrain, you are a pushy and errogant guy aern't you. Why do you say China made?? Is MAKO Chinese? The GMG is a MAKO brand. Is MAKO also garbage in your world?? The rifle shown in the picture isn't even a DPMS. So that person put the wrong sight on his rifle then! From what I have learned here thanks to KZero, that rifle, if the gas block rail is on the same plane as the top rail, should just use a standard front sight. Not the gas block sight listed. Correct me if I am wrong KZero.
  5. Hi jtrain, You are confusing the Oracle with the Sportical. My Oracle has everything you say it doesn't. Click here: Oracle Sportical Think what you want, thankfully it is still a free country unless/until BO gets re-elected. I like what others have to say about it and the price is right for me. Since you don't even know what the rifle specifications are, what you have to say doesn't hold any water with me. Sorry. But I call an Ace an Ace and a Spade a Spade.
  6. Good morning Gentlemen, OK, OK, I get it. NO UTG PRODUCTS. They are junk. On to bigger and better news....I got my rifle yesterday. I can't wait to throw some rounds down range one at a time, with a cleaning between each, as instructed by DPMS. Thanks to everyone who is trying to help me with my front sight issue. Some must not have read where I want a carry handle and suggested rear sights, but all information is good information. SPECIAL THANKS to Scotto and especially KZero for the helpful pics to understand the difference between gas block rails and other types. I am going with GMG (Global Military Gear) products because of the excellent ratings and reviews on their products, affordable prices and most importantly, a LIFETIME Warranty on their products. Here is what I am getting: Carry Handle - LINK Front Gas Block Sight - LINK Thanks again for all the help and welcomes. I greatly appreciate it. I will keep notifications open for this post in case someone that buys a DPMS Oracle wants to know how these items work for me. mjbjorge over and out.
  7. Thanks for the assistance KZero. I appreciate it. Yes, my rifle coming in is the top, first one. Thanks for letting me know about the plane. It is all clear now. And thanks for not telling me what I want and can afford is junk. I posted this in a reply to Scotto - "As for the front sight you mentioned, again, I understand that higher price means better quality. But when I can buy a front sight I can afford for 1/2 the cost with good reviews and a lifetime warranty, guess what, I'm all in." Thanks again KZero. This newb appreciates yours and everyones assistance.
  8. Thanks gigglesmith. Looks like your all set for home defense when the shat hits the fan. Got a shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot also??
  9. Thanks Scotto. No need. A post below from kzero shows my exact gun that is coming (the first one) and recommendations. This should do it. Thanks again for your help and input. I appreciate it. As for the front sight you mentioned, again, I understand that higher price means better quality. But when I can buy a front sight I can afford for 1/2 the cost with good reviews and a lifetime warranty, guess what, I'm all in.
  10. Thanks for the response Scotto. I appreciate yours and everyone elses assistance. Your one statement "Just make sure the upper receiver rail is on the same plain as the rail on the gas block and you should be OK" is what is confusing. I have read that the Oracle Flattop w/ gas block rail is not on the same plane. which is why you have to have other than standard front sight. Another problem is nobody seems to know if the plane of the gas block is higher (would need a lower profile I assume), on the same plane (need a standard FS) or lower (a higher profile needed I assume) than the flattop rail plane. I have seen both stated. If you could, please ask your son what the plane is of the gasblock rail, whether higher, same or lower than the flatop rail. Also if you don't mind, ask him if every manufacturers gasblock/rails are the same height, or if they are proprietary. I greatly appreciate the assistance. It is nice to find a forum where everyone is friendly and attempt to help others. God Bless The USA!!
  11. The carry handle I intend to buy is from Global Military Gear. They also have a front sight. Their products all have good reviews and the price is similar to UTG. I just don't know what front sight I need for the gas block on the DPMS Oracle. I failed to let you know which Carry Handle I intend on purchasing. Here it is: Global Military Carry Handle Anyone know if Scotto that someone mentioned would know, and how to get ahold of him??
  12. Thanks for all the useful information and welcomes. I hear ya about getting what you pay for. Unfortunately I am not very wealthy (can probably tell that by my purchasing a DPMS Oricle). I don't want to and can't spend 1/5 of the cost of the rifle on just a carry handle and front sight. Before I buy I research and research and .... . I read reviews for the same item on different sites to get an idea of what others think. For the price, UTG is highly rated with most items having at least 4 stars out of 5. With this in mind, can anyone steer me to the correct one? I would greatly appreciate it.
  13. BUMP-I am bumping only to get 10 posts so I can search for an answer. To bad they have that rule. Make life harder than easier. If you had past problems with spammers, you know who they are, so just ban them instead of punishing honest people needing help. Bump3 Bump4 Bump5 Bump6 Bump7 Bump8 Bump9 only one more to go. :satch: Bump10 ... yeay ...
  14. Hi all. I am hoping a DPMS Expert can help me out. I am getting the Oracle real soon with flat-top and gas block pic/weaver. I want to put a carry handle with incorporated rear iron sight. I am looking at putting on a UTG Low Profile Detachable Front Sight utg low prof fs or a UTG Removable Front Sight Tower Complete with A2 Square Post Assembly utg Which one is the correct one for use with a carry handle?? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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