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  1. Mech63s

    New guy here

    I broke and spent the jack! I picked up a Sig Sauer M400 enhanced (black) at Walmart for $867 plus tax. It came with the Magpur furniture, magpul mag, padded rifle bag and rear flip up sight. I replaced the rear sight with a fixed A2 style. Might put a Laser and light on it at some point. Not sure about optics. I would rather keep it simple and neat.
  2. I bought one of these lowers to get an inexpensive lower. Tried it on an armolite upper and it works great. Bash away at it, I like it and will use it till it breaks!!!
  3. If more people thought like this man there would be less home invasions. Don't mess with an older person!
  4. Mech63s

    Alright Kentuckians

    Probably shouldn't announce this but... I'm from upstate New York and live in Richmond Ky now. So let the Yankee jokes start!
  5. Mech63s

    New guy here

    Guess I should have said I live in Richmond, originally from upstate New York. Let the Yankee jokes ensue!
  6. Mech63s

    Uppers oppinions

    Thanks Valkyrie
  7. Mech63s

    Uppers oppinions

    Thanks For the info on PSA. Who manufactures their parts?
  8. Mech63s

    Uppers oppinions

    I see I shouldn't have mentioned what lower I have! But I'm gonna shoot the heck out of it and will see how it does! What does everyone feel about DS Arms?
  9. Mech63s

    New guy here

    Well it seems to do what I want it to for now. I don't plan on but stroking or throwing it around any. If need be I'll replace the lower hardware with metal stuff.
  10. Mech63s

    Uppers oppinions

    Looking at ds arms, Delton and dpms complete uppers. I already have my new frontier polymer lower (which fit and worked great on an armolite upper!). Any suggestions?
  11. Mech63s

    New guy here

    Just getting in to ar's. Was in the army and have shot my share of black rifles. Glad to be here and excited to learn. Just picked up a New Frontier polymer lower. Looking to do a budget build. I know, I know ewww a polymer lower. Well fit is good, it works good, and the price is good. I'll upgrade on a later build!