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  1. How sad is it that every year on Christmas I get a PayPal notification that I paid Neil Watson... I laugh, knowing I haven’t visited the site in months. I think damn I should have cancelled that but then I smile... Neil has helped me on more than one occasion. First when I had to mortar my first AR before I ever even got to shoot it, another time when he hooked me up with a LPK when they were ungodly high everywhere else. So I smile knowing that at least it went to the good guys. I hope all is well with everyone. I’ve updated my password, might as well hang out for a while.
  2. Also my assignment sheet doesn't have a place for notarization either. The only places that had to be notarized were the trust itself being set into effect and the addition of the additional trustee's. Let me know if this isn't standard. My assignment sheet just requires my signature and two witnesses.
  3. Hey and Thanks for all the replies. The good thing about the two lowers, (Items 2 and 3) is that one is already completed as a pistol, and one is already complete as a rifle only pinned to a 16" barreled upper. Hopefully there won't be any damage (assuming I can find someone to engrave them as complete lowers. I'm planning to do a form 4 for the silencer because I plan to buy a SilencerCo Hybrid. I'm assuming that joshm was referring to a store bought silencer as a solvent trap. I don't have much experience at all with them to be honest and the only two that I've used is a SigSauer 762 and the SilencerCo Omega. I liked the SilencerCo and some of their QD mounts. I'm satisfied with the across the board "hearing safe" levels and will be able to use it on 5 different items: DD Mk18 - 10.3" DD 300 BLK - 8.5" DD M4v1 - 16" Aero AR-10 20" FNX 45 ACP I've read many good review on the AAC M4 silencer for strictly 5.56/.223 and I'm still open to advice if you guys have some better recommendations over the SilencerCo Hybrid.
  4. So I had my trust completed yesterday, (all i's dotted, t's crossed, witnessed, notarized etc.) and will hopefully have a bank account set up in the trust's name early next week. I'm excited to get started and plan to make three initial stamp purchases and want to take to best course of action to get there and would appreciate any feed back. In order of simplicity (I think) #1 Silencer Purchase - I assume this one is a simple Form 4, Certification of Compliance, Copy of the Trust, Check for $200. When the stamp comes back I'll be able to get my Silencer, Have it Engraved, Add to Trust Items. #2 Daniel Defense Mk18 Pistol converted to an SBR - I assume this one is a Form 1, Certification of Compliance, Copy of the Trust, Check for $200. When the stamp comes back I can then remove the Sig Brace and pistol Buffer Tube and install a rifle buffer and stock, Have it engraved/serialized, Add to Trust Items. #3 Take one of my current Rifle Lowers (still on the fence as to which one) and have it "converted" to an SBR Lower, so that I could legally pin short barreled uppers to it. This one I'm the least sure of how it would work. I am probably wrong about all three but let me know what I would need to do on this one. I haven't ruled out a form 1 and building a new lower from scratch so if that's the better option then I'm willing to go that route. What all am I wrong about so far, and what are the estimated wait times these days other than the standard 4-6 months that I've heard. Thanks for the help.
  5. Mine were .004"-.005" smaller than factory so you guys are right about deforming the bullets! Going to try something I read either above or in another forum with the factory crimp die and if I can't get them to pass with that I'll just scrap them all or possibly look into that Redding die you guys were talking about... SIGH!
  6. I'm about to be off work in 15 minutes and I'm going to measure mine. I cycle tested the three last night and they cycled good. I sure hope the 80 bad one I have can be salvaged without pulling that many bullets with my hammer. That would be awful.
  7. I did resize prior to tumbling yes (partly because it cleans off the case lube) I normally go 2-4 hours at least on ammo I'm loading for the first time. A lot of time it's brass picked up from the range and needs the tarnish cleaned off. If its some that I've recently reloaded myself I may shoot it 3-5 times before tumbling again. I hope that explains it. I like "pretty" bullets...
  8. So it sounds like the verdict is that you guys would NOT shoot the three that I did, or definitely wouldn't do the other 80? What is the worst that could happen? I'm thinking that they may be less accurate should it actually "squish it" below spec. I'll get my calipers and check compared to factory rds. and recheck overall length. Any other thoughts? By the way thank you all for the quick replies! I bet this is a new one lol!
  9. I did adjust down but like a 1/4 turn max just to snug the set nut. (I use the lee bushings) No burrs at all Yes I've been crimping but don't really know exactly what I'm doing when I crimp... just heard that it's best on semi autos...
  10. So, it had been well over a year since I had reloaded at all, (long story) but I was going to load 100 .223 Hollow Points for a friend and work. Everything seamed to go smooth. I de-primed and resized and then tumbled the brass. I checked several from 1-2 to one out of five with my go/no go check tool, and they all fell in no problem. After 4-5 hours in the tumbler I cleaned all the primer pockets (of tumbler debris mostly) and deburred inside and out. I primed with the Lee Auto Prime, measured and added the powder, seated the bullets, measured overall length, and crimped. When I first started reloading I'd always check the full bullet in the tool again but I had forgotten to do that this time. I carried 10 of my new loads to the range today and first round pull the trigger nothing... won't extract... pop the mag out, use a screwdriver to pry the extractor back try again jam etc... get home and throw them in my gauge and to no surprise at all about 8-10 FAIL... Trust me, I know I have to figure out at what part what went wrong but my question now is the 85 "bad" finished loads that I have done. It will take a lot of time, effort and aggravation to pull the bullets on each one so I had an idea. I took the de-priming pin and mandrel out of my resizing die, and I figured the primer would be protected by the shell holder. I put a little case lube on the bullet and preceded to resize one with the bullet seated... Threw it in the check guage, flawless fit. I did two more just to see, flawless fit. Someone please tell me if you have any ideas where they got off to begin with and secondly if there is any issues with me doing this on the remaining 80 plus completed rounds that don't quite pass the check tool. BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS BELOW:
  11. What's the best place to order a decent rail and a Noveske Muzzle break for my friends DPMS AR-10? I've found some no-name sites with some cheap prices but I want something reputable enough to spend my money with. Thanks,
  12. Thank you for all the info so far. This is exactly what I was looking for. I know it's going to fluctuate but this will be a great starting reference point.
  13. I know that it depends on all kinds of variables (different component prices and load variations) but assuming: CCI Primers Buying Common Powder 8lbs at the time (I know it's significantly cheaper than 1lb at the time) FMJ projectiles purchased 1000 at the time (again for pricing) Can several of you throw out a ball park estimates for these calibers and any other common ones that you may have handy. Assuming that I have the brass and CURRENT MARKET PRICE for the items listed above. Thank you all in advance.
  14. I know this probably not the right spot and I apologize in advance. I saw they took my membership dues out overnight and I realized how long it's been since I've been on this site. I miss all you guys a lot and hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I haven't bought anything new in a long time and therefore haven't had any stupid questions before a purchase. Still the proud owner of three black rifles so I look forward to talking to you guys more often in the coming year.
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