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  1. Hi Fired a .458 SOCOM last week and was impressed. Clearly it is an awesome short range cannon but wonder about longer range trajectory, ammo availability, and so forth to decide if it could be a practical addition to my little arsenal. Any advice, and especially a link to a trajectory/ballistic chart would be wonderful! Thanks. CD
  2. Hi everyone! Just joined and I already have a question. Last week I had the chance to fire an AR in .458 SOCOM and I must admit I am intrigued. Anyone have a link to ballistics/trajectory charts? Ammunition availability? General advice? I want to figure out whether this round has actual deer hunting application or is it just a short range cannon. The guy that owned it took a large Black Bear a few days after I shot the AR on the range so I know it works for that, but this was all 25-35 yard stuff. Thanks in advance... CD
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