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  1. cncwhiz

    Hey cncwhiz

    Well I'm only a month late on this I guess. I appreciate it guys. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. I do not have a capability at this time to cut those flutes. It would require that fourth axis on the machine, which would be an indexing head /chuck. I could cut the threads manually on a lathe, but I do not have a CNC lathe at the moment.
  3. I have been in the machining trade for a long time and doing programming for over ten years. Finally, yesterday I finalized the deal on my first personal CNC mill. I should take delivery in a few weeks. I am so excited about it. If you want some details about the road I'm traveling, please, look here: http://ar15armory.com/forums/topic/143330-putting-myself-out-on-a-limb/page-3 This will be another general idea thread. I need suggestions of stuff you might be looking for. The simpler, the better. Complex parts are not really an issue, but I'm just trying to get off the ground. I'm going to start making little prototype parts to test and kick around. A few suggestions I have had are: Ambi charging handles Trigger guards (my own idea..not sure if it is worth doing or not.) Muzzle Devices (will kind of be limited with these, because I really need a cnc lathe to do them. ) sights - low profile irons, pop ups, etc. I need suggestions on these. anything else you can think of to attach to these rifles..anything with a tac rail or keyhole setup. What I'm looking for is something that somebody really wants but can't find..custom ideas. As always, Thanks for all of yall's input. It means more to me than you know.
  4. cncwhiz

    Help me decide on a new CC

    Thanks for the suggestion on the 245. After looking at it..I can.say I think I'd rather have the 220 carry variant. Also see the 220 elite dark carry, but the alloy frame is a deal breaker I think. I think polymer is more what I'm looking for to save weight.
  5. cncwhiz

    Help me decide on a new CC

    That sig P220 carry is awesome. I really like everything about it on paper. However, I don't know that I will be able to get one for under $900. Keep in mind I still have to buy a new holster that fits it and pay taxes or transfer fees. Hell I might as well go HK for $1k The Kahr would be an option. Does anybody have any experience with these personally? Wish I could find a dealer or private seller that would accept a custom knife as partial trade. That would knock of half or more of the price. lol
  6. I have been CC'ing a DW CBOB 1911 for about 6 years. It is a very nice commander 1911. After an incident I had the other day where I came close to having to use it, I again realized the importance of having a weapon that I am not so partial to for carry; because I assume that if it ever had to be used I would probably not see it for a long time, if ever. Things I want to get away from: mainly weight. I'm sick of the weight of a 1911. I want something easier to carry. Compact is not an issue at all, it is preferred. Preferences: -.45, (I do not like .40.), 9mm as a last resort. I want .45 because I already reload that for several guns. -I'd prefer single stack because it is slimmer and I carry in waist band. -Something with a bobtailed or rounded bottom rear of the handle. I have trouble with printing and a sharp, steep back only exacerbates the problem. The dream gun would be a HK45C. I Really like that thing, but $1k is dang ridiculous and kind of puts me in a bad mood. Do they intentionally price themselves out of the market? I know about the XDS and have shot one..that would be a consideration. I also know about the Glock G36. I am not a fan of the angle of the handle, as well as the handle on Glocks in general, so it's out. I don't see anything in in Walther's line that peaks my interest. M&P shields are nice, but I'd have to settle for 9mm. Again, not against it, just would rather have .45 Sig makes some nice stuff too, but again..the $$$ makes my head hurt. I don't mind paying for quality, but I'm not trying to go broke. Used would be an option..as long as it was taken care of. The only thing about used is that most nice guns hold their value so well, I might as well by new. Any suggestions and discussion would be appreciated.
  7. cncwhiz

    How would you handle this situation?

    Retcop. I hear you. to clear one thing up..I don't know that he had crashed. My description of the truck was just that. It just looked really beat up. It was pulled off on the right hand side of the road. Also, as stated, I did call 911, ands I did not tell the perp I was going to. By the time deputies got on scene (within ten minutes), he was gone and so was the vehicle. They said they rode the area for about twenty minutes and no sign of him or the vehicle. That's why I said..I sure wish that now I would have gotten the full license number. I only caught the first couple of characters..which indicated the vehicle was from the next county over. He was 30 miles from home, regardless.
  8. cncwhiz

    How would you handle this situation?

    Yes, but I still can't help but wonder..how was the truck gone not 30 minutes later, and what was he really up to? Was he scoping my place out? The neighbors? Did he think he was going to mug me? Hijack me? -All just scenarios that keep playing in my head..I mean that really could have ended badly had I not taken control of that situation. I just can't help but wonder if there was someone else with him, and what would have happened had I gotten out of my truck.
  9. cncwhiz

    How would you handle this situation?

    I've been trying to figure out this whole thing since yesterday morning. I wanted some input first to see where the thread was headed. It startled me when i saw him. Yes he was out of place. Back country road..out of police jurisdiction. I was surpised that I instinctively had my handgun drawn before my truck even reached a full stop. I then cracked the window. After he asked me to jump him off, I said this: "Let me tell you something. I have a gun and I will shoot you if I have to. Now, Do you really need to be jumped off?" I said this in a polite, but firm manner. I doubt he saw my weapon as it was dark and my vehicle has tinted windows. My weapon was down low, out of his sight. The window was only cracked enough to exchange conversation. His response was "no sir! No sir!" I then said "well, you better get out of here if you don't need help." He walked hastily, in the opposite direction of his truck. It was in fact parked up the road about 100 yards away facing North. He walked South. The truck had a tag from the next county over, and appeared to have been run down a guard rail or bridge barrier because of the scratches on the side. No gas cap. I did not get the full tag number and wish I did now. I immediately turned around and went right back up my driveway. I called 911 in the process and told them what had transpired. The said a deputy was inbound to my location. I locked my gate to my property which is completely fenced. I then drove down my drive again and went North. His truck was in fact there..no one inside (to my knowledge.) No sign of him, since he had walked the other direction anyway. I followed up with county as well as another neighbor who passed by about 30 minutes later. Deputy made no contact and neither did the neighbor. I'm proud of myself for handling the situation the way that I did, but now I am worried. What the heck was this guy doing there and what could have happened. What were his true intentions. I hardly slept at all last night.
  10. Double post. Please reply to the other thread.
  11. I had something happen to me yesterday morning, and I thought I might ask yall's opinion. Here is putting the situation in your point of view. You leave for work early in the am before daylight. You live in a very secluded place. your driveway is long, and made of dirt / gravel. As you approach the end of your driveway where it meets the county road it turns off of, a black male (not that it matters for any racist comments), wearing a gray hoodie and white pants, comes walking across the road. He is right in your headlights and approaches your driver window. Keep in mind there are no street lights. Nearest neighbors are across the county road, on their dirt driveway, and one on the way to your house, about 1k yards away. There is not much of anything here but you, him, the mailboxes and the trash can. He approaches your window. You crack your window, but do not open the door. He says that he needs to be jumped off, in a stuttering voice. He also appears to be up to no good (matter of personal opinion I guess). What is your response? When you leave, you do see a very beat up vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road, about 100 yards from where you are. The vehicle has a license plate form the next county over.
  12. That's the one. It has a substantial amount of information. The guy is very good for sure. Another thing I found interesting is what he calls "extended range shooting," which is pretty much anything outside of the bullet's transonic range. At the end, he is shooting 1 mile shots at a 36" steel round with a .338 LM. It takes him about five shots to get on target, and from there he does pretty good with keeping them in a pretty decent group..I'd say about 2' diameter. It just really makes you question these 1.5 mile sniper shots. I mean at that distance..there is some factor of luck involved I'm sure. Heck, he has to have a camera on the target to even be able to see the impact, because it is so far away he can't see it through the scope (most of the time).
  13. A friend of mine let me borrow his 3 DVD set by him called Putting Rounds on target. It is a very good instructional DVD and I highly recommend it. It taught me a lot about the fundamentals of long range shooting and also a lot about the stuff needed to do it. I know that most discussion of this forum is predominantly for the smaller calibers, but most of this stuff still applies. One of the things that directly affected me is his commentary on chronographs. I thought it was interesting how he talks about how chronographs are really not that accurate. I can't really say what percentage of error, but the way he talks, they are "not as accurate as the manufacturers would have you believe." Further, he explains how with a good ballistic solver, you can actually back calculate your velocity to get a better number. Another neat trick he does is to measure the time of flight of a bullet with a microphone placed near the muzzle and a second one down range near the target. the time between the two sounds gives a good number he can use. The reason I noticed the discussion about the inaccuracy of the chronos is because of how close they expect their long range rounds to be in velocity. he talks about how anything more than 15 or 20 fps can screw up calculations at those distances. I have had good luck with my Shooting Chrony F1, and I'm sure others have had good luck with different brands. I have not done enough shooting to really see any affects or deviations, but I have observed how one powder is more stable than another. Just wondering what some of you guy's thoughts are on this and what your experiences have been using chromos - differences or things you may have noticed to substantiate the claims of them being not as accurate as we are led to believe.
  14. cncwhiz

    Barnes TSX .224 70gr..8208 XBR

    The same gun I built a few years ago. it is a BCM 14.5" barrel with 1:7 twist. I'm glad I have the 1:7 twist, because stabilizing heavy bullets is not an issue. I did some trial and error to get started and got some results yesterday. I should have loaded at least five rounds of each combination I did, but I only did three. It still shows a pretty definitive result I believe. I loaded four different charge weights. Case overall length and round overall length were standard from the manual, 1.760" and 2.260" respectively. I was worried that I would run into compression issues with the length of the bullet, but I did not as far as I can tell. I could still hear the powder when I shook the completed rounds on all four charge weights. Charge weight #1: 22gr 1. 2507 fps 2. 2515 fps 3. 2535 fps Charge weight #2: 22.5gr 1. 2537 fps 2. 2568 fps 3. 2558 fps Charge weight #3: 23gr 1. 2649 fps 2. 2644 fps 3. 2604 fps Charge weight #4: 23.5gr 1. 2685 fps 2. 2685 fps 3. 2695 fps No signs of overpressure on any of my brass. I think I can safely push to 24gr and get a good usable round that should go slightly over 2700 fps. I was hoping for a faster fps, but I guess it isn't uncommon for bullets to be slower when on the heavier side like this? Anyway, they shot very good and I am happy with them. I had 1.5" groups at 100 yards, running my aimpoint comp M2 (zero power). I would not feel comfortable with a longer shot, especially with hunting. I don't have anything over that on my property anyway, so no worries. I usually shoot about 4MOA at 100 yards (open sights or zero power optic), so I was very happy with the tighter group. As we all probably know, using this as a hunting round is based primarily on shot placement. I'm confident that if I can get the bullet on target, I can use this caliber effectively.