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  1. nindayaa_888


    Sorry I could not find the search button. not sure even if this site has one. I was wondering if you could get your slide or other stuff anodized and would it hurt or weaken the metal on the pistol. I saw some that were done, so I think they were anyways, one was red and on was blue, I search the internet but could not find them, any info on them would be great. Thanks in advance David
  2. nindayaa_888

    Colt Delta Elite

    Just an update. I got to shot my new DE and all I can say is wow, it was fun. Not really much kick to it, I was expecting more. and is a great pistol to shoot one handed. Shot one round out to 50 yards and was high, but might of been me. Was kinda up hill. Shot 20 rounds so far and I am impressed with it. Will shot some more before I decide if I need the better sites put on it. Thanks to this site and everyone who posted about the DE. You all helped me choose the right one for me. Thanks again.
  3. nindayaa_888

    Colt Delta Elite

    Well I made it home, Got to look and clean the DE. have not had time to go and shoot it yet, Hoping maybe this weekend. Could not find the ammo you all were talking about so I just bought some Hornady 180gr XTP. Hope them work. I shoot Hornady thru my 41 so should be good just to see how it shoots.
  4. nindayaa_888

    Colt Delta Elite

    Lol, Made me laugh. I get home on Saterday. I am not sure what ammo she has picked up but yes I will have to get a box of each ammo to try out. I am more of a long range shooter. Got spoiled with my TC. People kind of look at you strange when you set a target up 30 yards or more to shoot a pistol at it. Thanks everyone, And I will do some more reading and try the ammo out that you all recommend and let you all know how it does. Thanks again.
  5. nindayaa_888

    Colt Delta Elite

    Hello everyone. I just signed up so I am new, but been reading this site for almost a year. My DE has finally come in after waiting 5 months. If it did not come in at the end of this month I was going to cancel my order. After talking to colt I found out that they fill the big orders first and really forget the little orders. So was really getting discouraged there. But It came in yesterday and my wife went to pick it up, I will be home in 6 days or so, so what a great home coming for me. I look forward to to the advice from all the members of this site. I am new to the 10mm but I do have and shoot my 41 Mag TC. Thanks David