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  1. Hello and welcome to the 10mm communtiy I've run into this also with P.P. and other powders as well. I just attributed it to two possibilities after playing around with different primers and seating depth. One, is the powder doesn't like to burn as efficiently at that higher pressure as it would with a lower charge. PP has not impressed me as a powder to use for 100% loads... More like 85-90% The other thing is that with the increased powder charge you just ran out of barrel to burn all the powder. There is probably a good reason why Alliant lists 9.3grs with a 180gr bullet. The load my G20-SF likes very much is 9.0 of PP with a Hornady 180 FMJ. Makes for a good solid all-around load. After 9.0grs I run into the same phenomenon. My barrel is only 4.6".
  2. Hey all.. Did some more shooting and workups with the G20.. http://www.handloadersbench.com/forum17/38957.html
  3. Yes Bb those are pull down weights. I posted these before I realized there are sites that dedicate to doing pull downs. http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/31847-new-glock-20sf-armscor-180gr-fmj-report.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/31846-new-glock-20sf-win-175gr-st-report.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32000-glock-20sf-american-eagle-180grfmj-report.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32001-glock-20sf-buffalo-bore-180grjhc.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32022-underwood-10mm-180grtmj-report.html#post270074 http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32440-10mm-remington-umc-180gr-fmj-report.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/34001-10mm-hsm-200gr-fmj.html http://10mm-firearms.com/factory-10mm-ammo-pull-downs/hpr-180-grain-jhp/
  4. I think you'll find it to your liking.. Not wimpy at all. I've seen it on shelves in my neck of the woods recently.
  5. RDub01

    Leading in the 10MM

    Hey Peashooter Here is a reply. I can't seem to post a picture here. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8_8nEle_m4EWGZLTVJhamdKZU0/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Yes... The BB load did not produce any smileys in my factory G20, but the Underwood load did.. Check this out.. http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32001-glock-20sf-buffalo-bore-180grjhc.html http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/32022-underwood-10mm-180grtmj-report.html#post270074
  7. Hello Report here; http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/34001-10mm-hsm-200gr-fmj.html
  8. Thanks. I enjoyed puting it together.
  9. No, I don't have any AutoComp.. I've seen it at Sportman's. But Silhouette is the same thing as Winchester's 'Winchester Action Pistol' or WAP. Edtited; Mistaken The only source I could find for AutoComp data is the IMR website, which lists 7.7grs as max for a 180gr bullet. The IMR website lists 8.4grs of WAP as max with a 180gr bullet. Ramshot lists 8.4grs as max with Silhouette.. So, if IMR lists 7.7 for one and 8.4 for the other.. It would seem there is some difference. However... In Hornady's #8 manual, their .40 S&W data for 155gr lists Silhouette and AutoComp the same.. Until someone actually tests AutoComp it's still an unkown..
  10. Hi My Silhouette resuts here; http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179345 Silhouette is a low flash powder. 8.4grs gave me the same velocity as the Armscor 180gr FMJ load I tested. The Armscor load had 6.2grs of something. http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/3...fmj-report.html
  11. I was surprised at the resuts with Blue Dot as well. Recently however, I've come to appreciate the difference in velocity and performance one primer can have over another, especially the difference between Rem 2½ and WLP with Blue Dot. http://www.glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1454690 It will be cold around here for another six months, so when it warms up again I would like to redo some of these using different primers and another lot of Blue Dot.
  12. Thanks Shadow.. I just ordered some 3N38, N-105, and Silhouette, so I'll do a workup with those as weather permits.. That should cover about everything useful in 10mm..
  13. Hi I got a hold of some Rem UMC and took a peek inside and shot some at the range.. http://www.handgunforum.net/range-report/3...fmj-report.html
  14. Hello Just got started working with this new G20-SF.. Was wondering if the results I got matches up with anyone else's.. http://www.handloadersbench.com/view_topic...amp;forum_id=17 Thanks