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  1. perpulhaiz

    Any Upstate SC Folks

    Ware Shoals here. Also new to the forums. Mike
  2. perpulhaiz

    iOS 6

    From what I've seen with my iPad 2 and iPhone 4, the updates are mostly geared toward the newer hardware. iPad 3 and iPhone 5. Like was said, I'd wait on the iPhone. Battery life went straight in the toilet. As far as viruses and PC woes, Red, feel free to hit me up via PM, I've been in the IT field for about 16 years and would be glad to help. There's a few things you can do to that will pretty much prevent any virus issues from now on. Mike
  3. perpulhaiz

    AR15s at Walmart!

    Hah. This gave me the chuckles. Can you imagine some of the People of Walmart we've seen armed?
  4. perpulhaiz

    Hello everyone

    SPR stands for Special Purpose Rifle. It's in a heavy barrel config. 20". Armalite developed the M-16 and eventually sold the rights to Colt after they filed bankruptcy as far as I know. I think it was 1995 when they started producing firearms again. AmaLite If you'd like to take a look at their website.
  5. perpulhaiz

    Hello everyone

    Got my first AR. Armalite M15A4 SPR. Seems to be a good community. Look forward to meeting you all. Edit: Here are a few quick shots. Bought a couple Magpul PMAGS and I have 6 various older metal mags. The finish is pretty beat up on a few but I'm sure I can touch those up. As far as optics, I'm not sure what I want to go with yet. Need to do a little reseach. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks all, Mike