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  1. Bug Out Bags and Get home bags and contents. First, ya have to decide exactly what your bugging out from or to. Second, ya have to look at your AO (area of operation) not all terrain and climates are the same, ya have to plan accordingly to where your at and where your goin. Thirdly, ya have to use and practice with the gear in your bags, dont jus take a list from the web, stuff a bag and be done with it. Make sure stuff works and that you know how it works, make sure if you make a bag for your spouse or family member or friends, they know what is in it and how it all works. A GHB could be a small book bag or fanny pack. It could be simple things as money (cash/change), multi tool, water bottle and cell phone. whatever works. It could be more elaberate as a small backpack that has food, water, shelter, first aid, etc. A GHB should be as light as possible. The idea is to get home, not site see. If you work 30miles from home, figure 2-3 days to get where your goin, unless ya really hoof it. 30miles can be done in one day, but ya better be fit enuff for it and have the right gear and correct food (energy bars, etc). A BOB is jus that, a last resort bag that has your earthly possessions in it. This bag will be used to get to a BOL (bug out location) in most cases. Depending on where your BOL is at , is what determines what you will carry. If you think itll take you 2 days to get there, carry 5 days worth of food or more. Dont underestimate the hardships you will encounter if ya had to Bug Out in SHTF. Now, determining what gear to select. Well that goes back to the first 2 points I made at the beginning of this topic. But , to help things along. There are 8 essentials that should/must be fulfilled. The type of gear, quality and quantity are up to the end user. But these 8 essentials should be covered. 1) Fire (fire making/starting) 2) Water (water containers to water purifiers) 3) Food 4) Shelter 5) Navigation (compass, maps, etc) 6) Weapons (guns, knives, pointy sticks) 7) Signaling ( mirror, lights, etc) 8) First Aid Now these 8 essentials dont necessarily have to be gear driven, If you have the knowledge and skill to subsitute man made gear for natural improvised gear than youll save weight by not having to pack some items. i.e. Tents and tarps, if you can make natural shelter. Same with food, if your AO has abundance of food and you know how to procure it, than all the better. This is jus an overview of BOBs and GHBs, Im not goin into gear selection or name brands, everyone has their own style and taste of what kinda gear they wanna carry. Jus fill in the 8 essentials and youll be good to go. These 8 essentials should be covered even if your making a pocket survival kit or a full fledge BOB.
  2. Die-Tryin

    Improvised Lanterns *56K*

    I think it was like 20minutes, I may have to do the experiment again and time it.
  3. Die-Tryin

    Improvised Lanterns *56K*

    Welp, I like to do Home made things that pertain to survival and prepardness. One of the things ive come up with is a Lantern that uses Olive Oil. I use a couple Hose clamps and a wick, some olive oil and a lil tea candle holder. With jus a few ounces of olive oil it burned for quite awhile, like 20-30minutes, on occasion it puffed some black smoke, but not too bad, I did this experiment outside and it was kinda windy and breezy, the flame withstood some 5-10mph winds. I was impressed by this. Anyways. Here are some pics of my contraption. lol. Ya can see the flame moving from the wind. lol
  4. Okay, ive often wondered how hard or feasible it would be to cook an egg out of my Canteen Cup. Using my esbit stove and triox. This is part of our ever loving quest to eat real foods out in the wild. welp it was pretty darn easy. While this was really easy, it was the first time I had ever done it, so that jus adds to the drama. Anywho...I decided that scrambled eggs would be the easiest. total cook time was about 5 minutes. Here is my SS cup, Esbit stove, triox, salt/pepper packs, camp oil and 2 brown eggs. Pic of the SS cup on the stove. the cooking area is kinda small and conscentrated. You can see the triox burning. Word of caution. Triox is extremely hot from the minute you light it. Here is the egg being in the SS cup.. Before the egg was dropped in about 6-8 drops of oil was added to the bottom of the cup to keep the egg from sticking. Here is Mrs Die-tryin helping with my lil experiment, the key to less mess was constantly stirring the mix, the SS cup got extremely hot. Here salt/pepper was added, this is about 1/4 way done. here is the finished eggs. One single TRIOX bar was able to cook this jus fine. I wasnt sure how long eggs would take , but they dont take too long to cook. One lesson was to put something flame proof or heat resistant under the esbit stove. I kinda got my experiment table a lil warm (black burnt spots in pic). More than likely if i was out in the woods, I would use open fire most of the time, But if your in a rush or its raining or snow and building a fire may not be practical, I would use my esbit stove as back up. More delicious dishes to follow. [:D] thanks for looking