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  1. ocharry

    1-9 twist

    Thanks guys Was kinda thinkin 70gr might be the top end for that twist barrel ocharry
  2. ocharry

    1-9 twist

    Hi guys new to the forum here But not new to reloading,, but I am gona be NEW to the AR platform So here is what I would like to ask This AR I am looking at has a 1-9 twist,,,I have a couple of other 223 guns on is a bolt and the other is a Thompson Center,,,they seem to like the 53-55 grain bullets With this 1-9 barrel how heavy of a bullet will it stabilize?? Could I get into the 65-70gr bullets?? Thanks ocharry
  3. ocharry

    new AR

    Thanks guys for the welcome and response I respect your opinions and hope to get a few more,,but it sounds like this is a good pick As for the lighter barrel config,, I have always been a heavy barrel on a rifle guy,,I tend to like just a little muzzle weight. While my buds 16" had a good balance it did seem a little muzzle light to me hence the choice for the 20" Thanks ocharry
  4. ocharry

    new AR

    Hello,,I'm new to this forum And the reason is I find myself wanting to get one of these rifles I am a main battle rifle guy,,have a few 308 versions,,but my buddy just got a couple new AR's of the Rock River brand and when he handed me the new coyote he just got,,,the thing started talking to me and now I can't seem to stop thinking about it!! I have to say it had a feel to it,, and some nice features They make this gun in 16"Hbar and 20"Hbar,,my bud has the 16" but I think I would prefer the 20 So to the question; What do you guys of smaller black rifle knowledge think of Rock River?? Do they build a solid firearm?? Have a good reputation?? Good quality for the money?? these my be simple questions to you guys but I will admit I don't know much about this AR platform and I want a good solid weapon if I am going to buy one,,,I like to do my home work first and buy once!! Thanks from the proby ocharry