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  1. eperk

    spend big bux on BCG????

    Getting back on topic. I only use LMT bcg's. They are in the higher price range but after thousands of rounds I have never experienced a failure. I would also look at BCM.
  2. eperk

    Any of you rich guys play with the BAMF?

    Went to the website. Not enough info as far as specs, such as, what is their "high performance" trigger", is the nickel boron bcg mil spec? I would be wary of their products until I know more, especially for that price.
  3. eperk

    Anderson ARs

    Just say no to Anderson
  4. eperk

    AR truck mount

    Seems like a pretty stupid idea to me. The gun is supposed to hold the magazine, not the other way around.
  5. eperk

    Bushmaster Patrolman price

    Do yourself a favor and JUST SAY NO to the Bushmaster.
  6. Bushmaster. I purchased the rifle BEFORE doing my research. Bad move on my part, but you live and learn. Got rid of that POS and never looked back.
  7. What were the prices like? I wonder if they didn't buy it at an LGS and resell.
  8. Yes it's for an AR. I don't bump the necks in a bolt action till I absolutely have to.
  9. eperk

    improving MV Consistancy

    I get the same fluctuations. If your brass is sorted and your charge weight is exactly the same, the only conclusion I came to was either fluctuation is bullet weight or variances in the meplat which will change the ballistic coefficient. I've just learned to live with plus or minus 50fps. It will drive you crazy if you start chasing bullet speed just like it does when you measure OAL on soft point bullets after you seat them.
  10. That's exactly how I used to do it. Got a headspace gauge and now try to bump the shoulder back around 2 thousandths. I believe you can get 10 reloads using this method if the necks don't split first.
  11. eperk

    IMR 4895. Somebody wants to sell me some.

    Just plugged it into Load Data. Seems you can use it for .223. There's a LOT of data from 50gr. all the way up to 77gr. I would use it. For the price it seems like a steal.
  12. eperk

    So You Have Shell Holder?

    Greg Greg, It shouldn't make any difference when using your sizing dies should it?
  13. I bit the bullet and bought a Chargemaster, Trim Mate power center and a Giraud Trimmer. Reloading can get as expensive as you want it to be. I justify the cost by shooting a lot.
  14. I don't like to rub it in but there is a ton of 8208, Varget, and RL-7 available in my area. RL-7 works really well with 55gr bullets. Try H322, lots of folks use that around these parts. H335 is you can get it.