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  1. Finally got a pic up I am such a proud poppa her name is Sausage slayer
  2. good morning from Oklahoma.
  3. That was just crazy I have been waiting to see it. Showed it in class today and discussed the whole thing just crazy if u asked me.
  4. Ps if anyone has a converter they need to give away I will be glad to give it a friendly home. :segrin:
  5. Thanks for all the input I think I will go with the converter for now a friend has one so I can try it out. To make final decision. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for all the input I think I will go with the converter for now a friend has one so I can try it out. To make final decision. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for all the comments. I went with the 16" standard profile. With a quad rail should have pic tomorrow crazy busy today.
  8. Where is the best place to get parts like that? The one I am building now the guy had all the parts and I am trading him works for parts.
  9. I am building my first ar.. I am hung up on the barrel see other thread for help there.. My question here is I want to get a 22 converter so I can shoot more. Is this ok or is it a waist of money.. I apologize for the double post I don't have a search feature yet.. Thank for all the help..v .
  10. Ok I am building an ar with a friend I have a double star lower, the upper is where I am hung up.. I have the option of a 16" heavy barrel 20" heavy 20" heavy stainless or 20" regular I don't remember the name of the upper. My question is this gun will be a shooter.. I like to shoot hog , yotes ,prairie dog what ever.. I don't think it will be great distances but I do want accurate.. Also is the heavy barrel better than the regular and is the stainless better than blue.. Any words will be appreciated.. I am hoping to have it done Friday.. Thanks. Also I am wanting to get a .410 upper any word on this or is it a waist of money?
  11. Newbie here and I am a terminally bound lefty.. I can shoot right but are left all the way .. Glad to be here.. Lefties are in there right mind..
  12. I hunt whitetail with my mini-14. .223. I love it .. I shoot them in the neck a don't have to track them cause they drop in there tracks.. Plus skinning is a breeze on a neck shot .. Nice and clean.. love mine.. Good luck..
  13. Hello and welcome from another newbie here. James I know right where the tot-a-poke in pacola is I grew up in broken bow. i been through there a few times.. Now live in shawnee.. New to ar's hope to have my first here in about 12 hours..
  14. I believe the wildlife management area at Lexington has an outdoor range.. I have not been there but I have heard good things.. It might be 45min/ to an hour.. Away also there is a range on the south side of okc .. I'll try to find my paper Monday that has the name and number on it . I think that range is gun and archery..
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