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  1. cma_454

    Zimmerman arrested again

    Your link doesn't bring up anything on GZ, and according to the links below he was charged with Aggravated Assault, but not Domestic Violence - and the charges did not involve use of a firearm. Plus the whole story of how the charges came about is ... interesting. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman/os-george-zimmerman-arrested-assault-lake-mary-20150110-story.html http://legalinsurrection.com/2015/01/deja-vu-george-zimmerman-charged-with-aggravated-assault/
  2. I bought one a few months ago (not a blem), but only because I wanted a BCM lower to go with my complete BCM upper. Just a want, not a need. IMHO, most stripped lowers (assuming they're in spec) + a good lower parts kit, receiver extension, etc., would likely do just as well. I have a S&W M&P lower, with an ALG trigger that I think is every bit as good as the BCM lower. OTOH, I do like both the BCM and S&W lowers somewhat better than my Aero lowers - but just for the better flared magwells on the BCM and S&W. All just IMHO, and YMMV.
  3. If you do a Google search for BCM Lower Receiver, you'll find several dealers listed. I had tried to link to one of them, who has them in stock and some (blems) on sale. However, when I entered the link I got a message that I was trying to post a link to a site the Admin did not want linked. So, I edited out all references to that dealer in my post. .
  4. There are dealers selling them..
  5. The rings don't need to be staggered. The myth they repeated in the link, is that they do need to be..
  6. Good info - except for including the gas ring gap alignment myth.
  7. cma_454

    How long do buffer last?

    Even seemingly identical springs can wear at different rates, so it's hard to say how often they need to be replaced - in terms of number of rounds fired. As the springs tend to shorten with use, many people recommend replacing action (buffer) springs when they fall below certain minimum lengths. The figures I've seen used most often are 10.06" (25.56cm) for carbine length springs, and 11.75" (29.85cm) for rifle length springs.
  8. cma_454

    What's causing these marks?

    Looks like they were fired out of a rifle with a fluted chamber, like the HK93.
  9. One piece of advise I'd give on your Oracle, is to decide if you're going to get a free float rail before you decide which sights you're going to get. You'll need a different front sight for a rail than you do for your current setup.
  10. cma_454

    concealed carry ammo question.

    Gold Dot was my preferred carry ammo for years, and I still like it a lot. But this is what I've switched to: http://www.barnesbullets.com/products/ammunition/tac-xpd-ammunition/# The performance edge over Gold Dot (and similar bonded hollow points) is not spectacular, but enough to justify the extra cost - at least to me, YMMV.
  11. cma_454

    Treaties Don't Trump the Constitution

    Worked for - he was fired, and his boss 'resigned'.
  12. cma_454

    50 cal type ammo cans-free shipping

    Yep, they canceled my order the day after I placed it. .
  13. cma_454

    50 cal type ammo cans-free shipping

    Thanks! I just ordered four - to get free shipping on orders over $39 (four came to $39.96).
  14. cma_454

    new Del-Ton Echo 316

    No. The S&W M&P-15's use a standard bolt. I had one (still have the lower - sold the upper), and it functioned perfectly with a mil-spec M16 bolt and carrier.