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  1. Thanks, the massive weight caught me off-guard, I'm sure I'll learn to love it. I have never held a rifle even close to it in weight. The employee could barely lift it off the rack! I'm guessing it will be incredibly accurate, I'll just mount some wheels on it. I purchased some Sierra 155 gr MatchKing bullets that I'm going to load into some nice brass I've been holding for years until I finally owned a 308. I'm going to use Varget powder, which I've grown very fond of in the 223, unless someone has another suggestion. Also, is anyone familiar with how you mount a bipod on the dpms 308 upper with bull barrel? I've seen some pictures with bipods online, but maybe it is a custom mount. It appears there is only a sling mount and no rail? I want to have all the parts I need when it arrives in the mail I also just purchased an Adams Arms EVO upper last night for one of my ar-15 lowers, and an aimpoint PRO. My wife is going to kill me!! If she finds out... Riflegear in Fountain Valley, CA also mounted an extended charging handle release lever at no charge. I'm one of their best customers. I'm going to load up the motorhome today and head out of Kalifornia so I can do some shooting this weekend... woo hoo! That reminds me - I need more tannerite.
  2. I appreciate the info, but couldn't figure out how to buy the scope at the discount rate. Is the sale over? I just went to Turners (I hate Turners btw) and they had the exact same 308 upper I bought yesterday. That definitely turned me off to it, especially since I could have bought the complete gun for way less than it's costing me to build the exact same one. Oh, well, the point I wanted to make was the DPMS with the 24" bull barrel was so heavy I could barely shoulder it. I quickly called the internet store to see about changing my order to the more manageable 18 inch CMMG. I wish I could find some more options. If I'm stuck with it, I would want to cut off at least 2 inches and give up the 80-100 fps so I can carry it from my car to the range Or maybe I should hit the gym! The specs say 11 pounds but I swear it felt more like 20.
  3. Thanks! I just hit the buy button . I'm the proud new owner of a DPMS 308 upper with 24" stainless bull barrel from Surplus Ammo. I've never purchased from them before but they are cheap with free shipping. I guess I don't have a lot of patients. Now to figure out a scope. Any suggestions? Something around $1000...
  4. I am brand new here, and have never posted in my life, but I really want some advice on what AR-10 308 upper to run with my recently purchased and built DPMS lower. I've been building AR-15s for a few years now, and doing my own reloading. I want to try to reach out to 1000 yards, which is also new to me. I'm going to invest some money in quality optics since I don't think it matters what upper I get if I can't see the target, and I don't have an unlimited budget of course. Need: Long Range Low Price Dependability (just in case) Don't Need: Light weight Match-level accuracy (for fun only - I hope) Lots of extras So someone please give me some ideas of what I can buy, and who has it in stock. So far my favorite is the DPMS upper with 24 inch barrel, or the CMMG upper with full float rails but only 18 inch barrel. The CMMG wins the cooler-looking award, but when my testosterone levels go back to normal the DPMS seems the best choice, unless someone can steer me to other options. Who else makes 308 uppers for the AR-10 platform???? Thanks!
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