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  1. know this is months old but better late to the party than never. Few months back I bought a Elite Match in 10mm and love it. Have had no probs feeding it off the shelf FMJ's to the hot Underwood JHP's. My only dealings with their CS was to order 2 more mags for it and they (actually a woman named Cheryl) was always quick to reply to my emails. The biggest con would be lack of aftermarket accessories and its dang near impossible to see one in person since I have yet to see one in a gunshop or a gunshow in my area.
  2. This is the only pic I have atm. Need to take a updated one as I have since added Hogue wraparound grip
  3. I agree. The Match has been a excellent gun. I have shot everything from off the shelf blazer 200gr FMJ to full bore JHP underwoods and it takes em like a champ. My only other problem is I didnt have enuff money to buy the Stock II in 10mm aswell
  4. Wanted to thank Intercooler for recommending the Match 10 to me. After debating wether to order one or not since no one had any EAA's in my area to see it in person I went ahead and ordered one and pics do not do this gun justice. Im very pleased with the Match and in love with the 10mm. I have nothing bad to say about the Match except for the fact that they went with all black sights and its hard for me to focus on all black sights on a black slide. Other than that Im very pleased with the gun. The look, fit, and heft of the Match is spot on to me. For some reason though mine came in a black plastic case instead of the real nice metal case.
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