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  1. hell john you know you can't have enough lowers RIGHT
  2. just joking hell i have in my home for over 30 yrs and i still can't find stuff my daughter came the day was cleaning out some of the kitchen cabinets found a brand new emerson blender i didn't even know i had go figure
  3. yea i hear you guys i moved lot in life kept loosing the wife but sooner or later she always showed up at the doorstep with the damn frying pan
  4. grunt68

    did something stupid this weekend

    hey i got to see all my kids today at the er they all acted like i was dying and told them they ain't going to get that lucky yet
  5. grunt68

    did something stupid this weekend

    update got to take a ambulance ride this morning i coughed and sneezed at the same time and it felt like someone stuck a knife in me they took to the ER went through all the crap ekg xrays blood work up so besides the rib problem i have bronchitis so the er doc put me some pain meds and tomorrow i see my reg doc for the bronc damn i hate getting old
  6. grunt68

    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was at work when the boss came out and told us we all sat around a small tv and watched so many emotions going through our heads
  7. grunt68

    did something stupid this weekend

    Yea my brain says i'm still 18 but my body says OH! hell no you ain't
  8. grunt68

    did something stupid this weekend

    thanks guys yea i'had broken ribs before but i was a lot younger and there's not a lot they can do for cracked ribs just take it easy and don't help that have one of those late summer colds so i have a cough hell it's just one more pain to go with all the other pains i have who says God doesn't have a sense of humor
  9. Well guys i did something stupid this Saturday the family and i decided to go down to air show at Grissom AFB to the thunderbirds well we we had to park about a 1.5mi from the flight line so being a 70 yr old smart arse i say to my son inlaw lets take the kids and go to the flight line.So we pack the two girls in the wagon and the grandson and off we go now they have people movers there but can't take the wagon on them we keep walking so i'm not doing to bad keeping with everyone even with my neurophty (sp) we can see the line.the sidewalk is pretty uneven and either i wasn't watching or i just tripped but the next thing i know i was flat on my chest hurting like hell and whole lot of people around me my son inlaw wanted to know if i had a heart attack i said no to make long story short never made to the flight line went back to where the wives where my sides and chest hurt stayed and watched the show went home got checked out 4 cracked ribs and a bruised sternum it's hell getting old
  10. grunt68

    Just Back From My Initial VA Doc's Appointment

    i told my shrink i hear things and i see things he said i'm normal
  11. grunt68

    Looks Like I Am in the Clear

    stay safe brother and prayers to the folks in it's path
  12. what a moron truth be known back in the day if you didn't own property you didn't get to vote
  13. grunt68


    do you have any service connected problems where you can get a rating
  14. grunt68


    what % did they give you
  15. grunt68

    Senator Rick Scott doesn't care about your rights!

    GOD punished cain not the rock