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  1. sorry guys but you can't trust the chi-coms anymore then you can trust the russians or the north koreans they will lie straight in your face
  2. grunt68

    My Coronapocalypse Empire - Humor (Or isssss it!)

    thank you my empress
  3. grunt68

    My Coronapocalypse Empire - Humor (Or isssss it!)

    My great empress i have but one question for thee what shall become of us old warriors will we cast aside or thrown in the dungeon to never be seen again
  4. grunt68

    Coronavirus: My tin foil theory.

    guys i sure would hate to see what would happen if war came to our shores
  5. grunt68

    4 days horizontal

    i hear you brother i was on the can for three days everything that went into my mouth came out the other end
  6. neither was brains or common sense
  7. grunt68

    Heavy heart

    Sorry for your loss
  8. dang wish all I have to do walk and I fall down atleast the bike an upgrade hey man in all seriousness get checked out
  9. now that makes my global warm
  10. grunt68

    Anybody heard from Retcop?

    didn't mean to worry you guy's i found out one thing getting old ain't for p***ies
  11. grunt68

    Anybody heard from Retcop?

    my computer took a crap so i had to break down and me a cheapie hp with windows 10blasted thing all plastic but it works an d no haven't done ant face dives the va doc put on some meds i think it's called gavipeten or something that seems to help a liitle hell i feel like i'm taking a whole drug store in the morning and at night
  12. grunt68

    Anybody heard from Retcop?

    glad your back john don't scare us like that
  13. grunt68

    Hey Nwatson99

    Happy Birthday Boss man it's been a pleasure being on this forum
  14. grunt68

    Merry Christmas (Good morning)

    Merry Christmas to all my armory family
  15. grunt68

    A little Political Humor.

    politicians are like a babies diaper they need to be changed every so often for the same reason