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  1. grunt68

    Hey specops56

    Happy Birthday brother
  2. grunt68

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Hell yes on the lawyer sounds like that person needs to learn a lesson
  3. grunt68

    EMP report : Im going to live with the Amish!

    hell I have almost next door to me
  4. grunt68

    Penile face treatments

    gives a new meaning to peckerhead
  5. grunt68

    Planned Parenthood sex ed video

    I couldn't watch it all when two guys or two women start kissing that's enough im not trying to offend anyone what you do in private is your business and I don't care but to advertise it likes its normal that's just wrong when two men or women can reproduce with out any help I will except it not till then
  6. grunt68

    Happy Veterans day

    someone asked me awhile back if I would do it all over again knowing what I know now and I told your damn straight I would
  7. grunt68

    Happy Veterans day

    Happy Veterans day to all my brothers and sisters no matter what branch we served we all did our job and we kepy this great country safe thank you for your service
  8. Happy Birthday to all my Marine brothers and sisters Semper FI
  9. grunt68

    Hey Steelborn1

    Happy birthday brother
  10. prayers to the officers and their families and may the perp rot in hell
  11. grunt68

    Early American history

  12. grunt68

    Dating Site Posers

    HA HA HA you funny man G oh and for you information I like purple it taste like grape
  13. I'm like some of the other guys on here never used a scope just iron sights and a red dot no magnifiacton
  14. range shooting long distance