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  1. take him bear hunting as the bait
  2. grunt68

    Hey USMC, 244

    Terry only the purple ones they're grape flavored
  3. grunt68

    Bye Bye Gallbladder.... INPUT PLEASE

    you guys are lucky i had mine done many years ago when they cut you open i was down for several weeks now with that scar and my bypass scar it looks like i have a arse zipper
  4. grunt68

    Hey USMC, 244

    Happy Birthday to all my Marine brothers and sisters Semper fi do or die
  5. grunt68

    IRS Wars

    good deal
  6. grunt68

    Dallas TX. Tornado FW You OK ???

    glad everyone is okay prayers sent to all you folks out there
  7. grunt68

    One of our members has passed away

    RIP Brother
  8. grunt68

    Dutch farmers are having a big protest

    goverment just don't get it when you crap on the people sometimes they crap back and i hate say but it might just happen here
  9. grunt68

    Head east old man...

    sorry for your lose brother prayers sent
  10. grunt68

    Tucker Carlson / Jason Whitlock / NBA / China

    just another reason why i don't watch pro sports it's a waste of time and money
  11. grunt68

    Dick's destroyed 5 million in assault rifles

    brother that sounds like a defeatist attitude and we don't give up that easy we have to educate people on the ar format that it's not this scary monster that the left and the media portray it to be. we need to let them know it's not the weapon but the person that's the problem
  12. grunt68

    woot ! woot!

    great job
  13. grunt68

    Leader of Free World Congratulates Communist Leader

    guys you have to remember trump is not a politician it's the art if the deal he's playing the chicoms like cheap pardon the pun chinese fiddle
  14. grunt68

    Take it to the Limit, One more time.

    sorry TJ the devil made me say it do what the doc tells you i've been fighting bronchitis for 3 or 4 weeks now the older you get the harder it is to shake this crap