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  1. grunt68

    Good Morning; Happy Easter

  2. grunt68

    The Armory is in mourning.

    please forgive me i did not know this happened rest in peace Jeff and Nancy
  3. grunt68

    Im fliyng Jeff Foxworthy!!

    Go for it
  4. grunt68

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    welcome to the hoosier state
  5. hell we have plenty of those in DC
  6. grunt68


    where's bullwinkle
  7. grunt68

    I guess winter is over

    It aint over here they are calling for more snow
  8. grunt68

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    hell brother if i just drink water i fart thats why they call us old farts
  9. grunt68

    Hey Sorceress 21

    Happy Birthday
  10. grunt68

    Baby It's Cold Outside!! Brrrrrrr.....!!!

    my daughter inlaw got a call from the school my middle grandson double dared my oldest grandson to put his tongue on the flagpole i dont need to say anymore but the temp outside this morning was single digit
  11. grunt68

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    hindsight is 20/20
  12. grunt68

    Christmas Wishes

    Merry Christmas to all my brothers and sisters on the forum
  13. And on the 10th day GOD asked adam where is eve and adam said she at the lake taking a bath and GOD said we will never get that smell off them fish
  14. grunt68

    Hey specops56

    Happy Birthday brother
  15. grunt68

    Wifey was in an accident tonight......

    Hell yes on the lawyer sounds like that person needs to learn a lesson