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  1. Happy Easter from the Hoosier state
  2. demand in one hand and shat in the other and see which one fills up first
  3. john what do you think we should do about it a lot of us are up there in age but we still have some fight in us we cant trust anyone in goverment their either liars cowards or backstabbers how in the hell do we fix this country. This country is so divided right now i don't think we as a nation can come together and repair it there is just to many factions at play we are not just a country of white Europeans anymore
  4. can we just put a plastic bag over their heads and seal it off with a zip tie at the neck
  5. well atleast the liberals can't say he packed the court
  6. i had the same problem last night
  7. i'm ready and willing lets go kick some democrat arse oh and i only like purple crayons they taste like grapes semper fi do or die
  8. Man that looked like it took his head off
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