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  1. Man that looked like it took his head off
  2. The thing is liberals can say anything they want with no problem but us conservatives get shut down
  3. I just got reprimanded by facebook for a comment i made there was a article about the former group called the dixie chicks now called the chicks are going to perform at the DNC so i wrote well what do you know 3 hoes performing for joe and his hoe and facebook said that was against policy it harassment or bullying
  4. Do you blame these officers for leaving i don't their state and city goverment won't back them they put their lives on the line and for what piss poor pay and no respect.
  5. retcop you're thinking small bother how about a M-2 flamethower if these punks want to play war then lets play war
  6. the last i checked here in indiana if you're from out of state you can't buy a gun
  7. grunt68


    I hear you brother but it's something we are going to live with for the rest of our lives
  8. grunt68


    I spent 3yrs in the Marines 68-71 1 yr in nam seen my share of shat still have the nightmares and the sweats but like terry i'd do all over again
  9. As a believer in free speech i agree that they have the right to burn the flag but as a speech proof reader i have to make sure that i dot the eyes.
  10. Here's the funny thing most of the blacks have last names of the very people they are trying to erase they don't realize that when their ancestors came here as slaves they took on the last name of their owners so are they going to change their names now because their last name is racist.
  11. is it time for judge dredd style justice just asking for a friend
  12. do we have eyes in the area my daughter doesn't believe antifa has taken over 8 blocks in seattle
  13. Well we'll still have to deal with antifa and a few other groups but it was more of a hypathetical question because iwas going to keep them anyways
  14. i only have one question after we shoot them do we get to keep their guns and ammo
  15. i'm glad the armory is back up
  16. I was humping through rice paddies and jungles
  17. good golly miss molly is going to get her tutti fruitti tonight RIP little richard
  18. guys can you enlighten me on the meaning of karen i see it all the time but can't make the connection
  19. If NY ask for help again i would say hell no your on your own
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