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    I'm throwing a party for the Armory!

    My passport expired, so I can't leave the USA.
  2. UMDCornholio

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    It was sarcasm, that nobody would get without context. I can't legally shoot deer because I'm not a tribal member. It is nice living a couple miles from Flathead Lake, though. Flathead is an open res, very different than others. Most people avoid Browning like the plague.
  3. UMDCornholio

    If You all didn't have enough to think about Hey !!!

    who the F doesn't cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing, other than toddlers? My sneezes/coughs travel exactly 0 feet right into my elbow.
  4. UMDCornholio

    Fresh Meat Shortages

    Only short on TP and PT here. Not sure why, the whole county only has 3 cases. The state only has 5 deaths. Not sure why we can't make those hippies from Missoula stay home so the rest of us can keep things normal. If it were serious, there are tons of deer in the back yard. I should probably update my location, I moved to Polson about 6 months ago for work. Res life is great.
  5. UMDCornholio

    The British Stiff Upper Lip...

    Agreed. And the economic impact will be worse than the bug itself. The left need something to blame Trump for. Unfortunately, republicans are now playing ball because they can't look like they didn't do anything during this horrible pandemic (as advertised by the media). The part I don't get is how this is overwhelming our hospitals when the regular flu has killed 10x the number of people in the U.S. Maybe it's because the flu is spread out over 6 months? Maybe people with the flu are staying home, assuming they just need a good night's rest, only to die? My father is an I.D. doc in a major city. He's been working 70+ hours per week and says his hospital is full even though they have hotlines and drive-thru testing available. It's a fast-moving bug for sure, but 10x faster? I honestly don't see the missing piece of the equation. I also don't see what a free-market system would do differently, other than just let the weak die, like in business. I'm all for relying on your local community, rather than the gov't in hard times, but my neighbor doesn't have a ventilator to loan me. I too think this should have been handled differently, but how does a president facing reelection tell the nation that it's just grandma's time to go when the media is looking for any excuse to make this his fault?
  6. UMDCornholio

    The British Stiff Upper Lip...

    I have been trying to wrap my head around this whole ordeal since it first started. The best I can come up with is that the media whipped everyone into a panic and now every politician and business owner is afraid to be the one who didn't do something about this horrible disease. The reality is, this bug is a bad flu. A bit more contagious, a bit more deadly (if you're old or took crap care of yourself). Whatever level of precaution and shutdown we should have chosen to limit the death-toll to 22k (U.S. flu death low end numbers) in the U.S., that's what we should have done. I'm pretty sure that consists of hand washing, sneezing/coughing into your elbow, and not visiting grandma until the end of flu season. I'm seeing do-nothing death estimates as high as 1.5M worldwide. 60M people die worldwide anyway, no matter how much hand-wringing we do about it. So now we're crashing our economy and putting a massive number of people out of work and once the gov't needs this free money back, our taxes will go up, to boot. A lot of our politicians are using this to score points and increase their power. The really scary part, though, is that the world will praise the tyrants for beating this disease. They'll look to the most draconian countries that locked down or tracked their people as a shining example. I joked at work that North Korea is an example to be followed. Dark humor, I know. On the upside, I've never felt so blessed to live in rural Montana and work for an "essential" business. DON'T YOU DARE MOVE HERE AND RUIN THAT FOR US. Our restaurants are doing carryout only, but I can still go for a hike or ride a trail. I'll be investing my gov't check in the hopes that it will have many babies when the market recovers so I can afford the higher taxes. Just remember: this bug can survive on metal surfaces, so wash your hands after loading your mags. Stay healthy, and God bless you all.
  7. UMDCornholio

    New name for lesbians.

    So "the tongue and groove club" is out?
  8. UMDCornholio

    Viper in the side pocket...

    Taking a photo outside his new digs? At least he looked at the camera and smiled for the picture!
  9. I just got back from spending a week in Neskowin,OR right on the beach. Beautiful area, indeed. Passing through Washington was a real test of my nerves. I-90 through Idaho has some very cool little towns. Good to be home, though.
  10. UMDCornholio

    Japanese, Two Days, Two Entrees

    Both those meals look amazing. I havn't had good katsu in so long. I may have to try and make those.
  11. UMDCornholio

    Dammit! It's Monday again!

    That second one looks like a Red Bull stunt
  12. UMDCornholio

    Hey UMDCornholio

    Thank you, gentlemen. Had to work but still a good day.
  13. UMDCornholio

    Terrorist ninja blender?

    If we have bombs that can kill the driver of a car without touching passengers then the use of human shields will become pointless and they'll stop using them. Eventually it'll be a pinpoint laser that punches a small hole through the target's brain. Then these piles of garbage will have to go around with a toddler strapped to their heads if they wanna hide behind innocents.
  14. UMDCornholio

    PCC Question

    I built a 9mm AR specifically for the cost savings at the range. It's one of the glock mag dedicated lowers. One thing I noticed that may make it better than other options for HD is the noise. The 16" barrel seems to be long enough that the gasses quiet down before exiting. It's not much louder than a 17hmr rifle, if at all. It's a heavy rifle and has even less kick than my AR. This would make it ideal for dumping half a mag into an intruder. In fact, I'm not sure why it's not next to my bed right now...brb.
  15. UMDCornholio

    I'm a dummy. How do I tell an ALG trigger from OE?

    If you can't tell a difference, does it really matter? Just call it 4 mil-spec lowers.
  16. UMDCornholio

    Am I normal?

    I have a buddy who shot my BCM and now wants me to build him one. I feel like a missionary more than patient zero...
  17. Interesting that the shooter stopped after hitting the minimum number of people to deem this a "mass shooting"..
  18. UMDCornholio

    Good Morning; Happy Easter

    Good morning and Happy Easter from Bozeman, MT
  19. UMDCornholio

    Is being gay wrong?

    According to the Bible, homosexual activities are one of many, MANY, sins. Sins we all commit. It's human nature to rank sins, as if being gay is any more damning than having hateful thoughts about someone. The only gays I worry about are those who also claim to be Christians, but I'm still not certain you can't be both. At any rate, people make too big a deal out of their sexuality when it should be private. They need to stop making their preferences such an important part of their identity.
  20. UMDCornholio

    muslim student sets fire to Missouri dormitory

    I've found several news sites with this same story, so apparently it really happened...January 2018.
  21. UMDCornholio

    A shot in the junk

    HE DIDN'T HAVE A LICENSE?!?!?! For shame. oh, and btw, he's also a felon.
  22. UMDCornholio

    What if ?

    But then I'd have to know where my best friend's face is at all times...
  23. The Witness Elite Match is a great 10mm. It has, however, gotten a lot more expensive since I bought mine. I havn't shot many CZs, so I can't make a comparison. It has a pretty great factory trigger, maybe comparable to a 1911. Mine has a heavier spring, Henning guide rod and trigger. Eventually I will have a 6" polygonal-rifled barrel turned down and threaded for a comp.
  24. UMDCornholio

    Stop Rumpy before he does something stupid......

    I love my Walther. doitdoitdoitdoitdoit
  25. UMDCornholio

    I need a lathe and maybe a mill

    Hey Lon, want an excuse to come back to MT? MSU just built a new engineering building and upgraded all their machines. AFAIK, they're selling all their old manual lathes and Bridgeports. 6 of each, I think.