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  1. I am a license peace officer in Texas. You did not say what state you live in. If the incident was expunged from felony statues, that it is the same as never happened. On a local, state level only. Some federal laws are shady and it depends who you talk to. The situation that he is in is worth asking a local lawyer, especially if he is in possession of firearms that mean something to him. I wish your friend the best and GOOD LUCK
  2. Thanks for the time you spent on this topic. I have read some of the same things but still find something new in others perspectives. I am a patrol officer and am very familiar with my m-4. I have put over 35,000 rounds through it in the last five years. It cost me a new barrel, 5.56 16" bull, and other odd and ends. I have shot both 5.56 and .223 ammo, 55 gr. to 68 gr., out of my m4. I carry Speers GOLD DOT 5.56, 55 gr. PSP, on duty and 5.56 NATO green tip for everything else from hunting whitetail deer to target practice. I preach to my guys to practice as if it was real world issues. The only thing that I stand by is sighting in at 50 yards. This gives you a dead on again at 200 yards with only about 6 inches of play. I do this due to all possible shooting incidences that officers are involved in are close quarters. Anything past about 100 yards I better have a scoped rifle covering me. Thanks again.
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