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  1. Allegedly after 12,000 rounds there were some cracks on the frames. http://soldiersystems.net/2012/07/20/marso...ning-colt-guns/ I still voted for the pony. I have a custom series 70 on order but the custom shop is busy with the order from the Marines. So there are only 45000 pistols ahead of me
  2. Yes. 30 Magazines is excess. Send 20 of them to me. I will dispose of them for you
  3. ^ This and if you ever decide to remove those grip screw bushings remember to blast them with heat before you attempt to overcome the red Loctite™. Don't ask me how I know.
  4. Keep an eye on Palmetto State Armory. They have an upper for 320. No charging handle or BCG but with an FN barrel. If you go with PSA prepare for a long wait.
  5. Thanks for that! I have been looking for a replacement for a stock DPMS FCG. ALG looks like it is "the one".
  6. Bravo Company is great! I have one of their uppers; two of their BCG's and other miscellanea. Oh, and enough stickers to paper a wall. The web site's notification for new stuff works great but you do have to be fast.
  7. You can't go wrong with BCM. I did buy a DD 16" barrel the other day. Absolutely beautiful. Have you looked a CMC triggers?
  8. DocV

    what oil?

    Brownell's stainless slick. Good stuff and stays where it is put. Super Lube is also good.
  9. If someone really wanted to they could effectively ban AR's by buying up all of the critical parts, such as BCG's. But we know that would never happen.
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