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  1. jimmyzwei


    might just do that - put it on my tool bar for spare time puruse need to get to my search now - thanks
  2. jimmyzwei

    ammo in gun for a long period

    magazine springs wear out do to load un-load use. sitting loaded does not put fatigue wear on spring
  3. jimmyzwei

    Top 10 Concealed Carry Guns

    .22 makes little sense to me
  4. jimmyzwei


    nothing better than a "shall issue" state law
  5. jimmyzwei

    Why carry a Gun?

    why not
  6. jimmyzwei

    Your opinion

    one that encourages one to carry
  7. up most respect for those that put in their time - one deployment is tough enough, not to consider 2,3,4. Services are putting more emphasis on recognition.
  8. jimmyzwei

    Becareful how you word your craigs list adds

    ask people not to enter the house and they don't stop - need a better reason to own?
  9. jimmyzwei


    10 day power outages only so many power company crew in the whole nation much less the region
  10. jimmyzwei


    jimmyZwei here looking to do a forum search. just dropped bye to say Hi