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  1. Ironworks

    6.8 SPC

    Hi I read quite a bit of this and thought I'd add my .02 cents. I hunt exclusively with the 6.8 out of a 16" 6.8x43 chambered barrel with 1:11.25 twist. Chamber spec and twist are very important with this caliber. Deer out to 350 is no big deal at all, pig same thing. Elk inside 100 again no problem with the right round and proper shot placement. I use the 95TTSX for deer pig and black bear. The 100 accubond for elk works well (no personal experience with elk sadly). Some use the 110TSX but that round was designed for the 270 so it's minimum expansion fps is kind of high for the 6.8 where the 95 was designed for the 6.8 and has a lot slower expansion speed. The Hornady 120 SST are performing very well on the pig and deer as well and now Berger has introduced their 140 VLT for the 6.8. The 6.8 likes to he loaded long if you're a reloaded you'll want mags that allow you to load to 2.3 coal. Accuracy is no issue either. My Rifle is a .5 gun with the 85 TSX and .75 with the 95s. The 6.8 in the AR platform loves the aa2200 powder which can be a pita to get unless of course you just mail order. You,l ant brass with srp like Hornady or ssa, Remington works but its lrp so can show pressure signs a little earlier. Plus it's so nice hunting with a really light rifle. The black one is mine and the FDE is one I built a customer after he shot mine and saw the advantage of it over lugging his heavier 30-06 around for deer. I'm not saying the 30-06 is bad just a heavier rifle and that much booms isn't necessary for deer or pig so why lug it around. Different tools for different jobs. Small south Texas white tail with a neck shot at 75yards. I prefer this shot if its easily feasible as it drops the animal in its tracks due to breaking the neck or severing the carotid artery or both. entry exit Another deer shot at 135 yards. Both of the above are with 95ttsx going 2850fps New 80 grain bullet called a raptor. The petals actually break off and cut as you can see from the wound. 275 yards purposefully shot through the heart and lungs as these bullets are being tested. The deer dropped in its tracks and so far every deer shot with these during the testing phase have had the same results. No running. My concern is meat damage with these and they are very pricey. Chris, the owner of the ranch where all these deer were taken shot a pig and killed the 2 behind it as well due to pass through of the 95ttsx.
  2. Ironworks

    California: Roll call

    Hi new member here from corona. Hoping to contribute as much as possible.
  3. Ironworks

    AR15 Picture Thread Part III

    Hi. New to the forum so figured I'd introduce myself by sharing my 2 ARs. First is my 16" 6.8 I use to hunt with. It's built off an aero precison receiver set using an ARP 6.8x43 barrel and trijicon 3-9x40 optic mounted with a LaRue mount and using a SSA-E trigger for fire control. My second is affectionately called my beater rifle. It started life as a stag arms model 2 upper and a mil spec LPK in a stag receiver. The upper has since been rebarreled to an ARP lightweight 16" 223 Wylde mid gas barrel, a Troy MRF hand guard and an aimpoint ML3 on a LaRue mount added. I love shooting this rifle and it definitely takes the abuse well. I purposely used krylon rattle can to camo it as I like how it wears.