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  1. Had mine for a couple months now, haven't touched the factory setting of #2.
  2. Ordered 10 - This brings me up to 16 .223 Mags and 6 9mm Mags.
  3. Don't like the Troy handguards? So far I've been happy with them.
  4. Nice, what kind are those/where'd you get them?
  5. Looks great! My ammo just came in so I'll be taking my new 556C to the range this weekend. Looking forward to comparing notes with you! What are you thinking in terms of sights/optics?
  6. Yes! The Ruger comes with the Troy Battle Rails, Troy Hand guards, and Troy folding Battle sights.
  7. After handling both at my LGS, realized the original 556 is heavy! I much preferred the feel of the 556C. Just my two cents, both are excellent models. Thanks everyone!
  8. It's here! New Ruger SR-556C. Haven't had a chance to take it to the range yet, but it is solid. Really liking all of the Troy accessories included - quad rail, hand guards, and folding battle sights! My first upgrades will be a front pistol grip and a scope/sights of some sort. I'm also interested in a bi-pod and tactical light. Anyone have suggestions for upgrades? Pictured: Ruger SR-556C, Ruger SR9, SOG Seal Team Elite Knife
  9. So that sounds good for cheap Range Ammo. Thanks! As for a higher quality ammo for personal defense, http://www.sgammo.com/product/hornady/200-...-tip-ammo-83276 Or should I look for a heavier grain?
  10. So I'm looking at SGAmmo.com, first I notice most everything is sold out -- is this all due to the election results yesterday? Second, Nwatson99, is this what you're referring to: http://www.sgammo.com/product/federal/1000...ator-loose-ammo I'm a bit leary of the loose ammo, should I be? Thanks.
  11. Right -- 14.5" Barrell with a 1.6" suppressor to bring the grand total to 16.1" Thanks everyone for their tips and links!
  12. North Burbs of Chicago. I usually go to GAT Guns in East Dundee.
  13. Here is a wild and crazy question -- how does one actually order an LMT rifle? As far as I can tell, they are sold out everywhere; there is no option to order from LMT's website; how's this work?
  14. 14.5" Barrel, 1:9 Twist I'm not looking for anything over 100 yards. Mainly will be used for shorter ranges.
  15. Hi All, If you haven't guessed, I'm new to AR-15s. I'm looking for suggestions on two types of 5.56/.223 ammo. 1) Cheap but good quality for use at the range. Looking for bulk ammo deals online if possible ~ 1000 rds. 2) Higher quality ammo for personal defense use. Smaller quantity needed ~200 rds. Thanks!
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