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  1. So this may sound gay but its not.... I just finished my for ar build ,well first gun at all really. What im looking for is some guys to shoot with and just hangout . Im new to the hobby and to minnesota so i dont know vary many people. I would like to join a club close to home so i can shoot often, and would like to try some hunting. The wife will NOT eat deer meat so i was thinking of donating it to the food shelf or someone that could use it. Any way im also a member of mngo4's offroad club and enjoy wheein. So feel free to shoot me an email or point me to some clubs . I would be greatfull. Thanks. Thomasrt4@gmail.com
  2. I was looking at joining post 435. Are there any members here that can show me around?
  3. Hey everyone. I have finally finished my first ar15 build. I'm new to shooting/hunting and was looking for some places to go shoot/hunt.
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