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  1. If I was to get a LW Longslide in .45cal,will I be able to use a 10MM barrel in it?...Then I would have a Longslide that could shoot both 45 cal based rounds(460 Rowland) and then swith out barrels to my KKM 10mm barrel....Will this work? (I know it doesnt work the other way round)...Thanks!
  2. THANKS for all the replys and input...went and looked at the local gunshop and he has them on all his pistols and that is saying alot...I ordered a set...ebay has them for about $75 so he matched that!
  3. Considering these for the Glock 20...Any users? Like em?Durable? Bright?Best deals where?...Thanks!
  4. Ok,thanks for the reply...yes,Underwood is fast AND affordable!
  5. Looking for a Glock 21 Top Slide Complete with or without barrel...Want to do a 460 Conversion....Maybe a KKM extended barrel in .45 too. Also,complete Glock parts group to do a bare custom slide....Know alot of you have many parts around-as follows; Spring Cups Striker Striker Spring Spring Spacer Depressor plunger Depressor plunger Spring Safety Plunger Safety Plunger Spring back Plate Extractor Spring Loaded bearing Guide Rod Assembly THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I heard alot about it and since the owner passed on,was wondering if someone else may have taken over?? I ordered some DT and Underwood now,but would like to try SFox too! Thanks!
  7. Anybody know of any one offering a Leather Holster for these 6" Long Slides at a reasonable price?...Nothing fancy,just something to use in the field on a 2" belt.....Thanks!
  8. Got one ordered (10mm)and look forward to the additional sighting plane and velocity for "Hog Huntin"!...If this works out,next will be the same in 460 Rowland!....Any users and how do you like them(what setup do you have-pics?)? ...Here is a few I like!
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