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  1. have you shot those exact loads out of the 24" upper?
  2. Greg, You like the .264 better than the .243 for 1000 yrd + ?
  3. Why the .264LBC instead of just using the 6.5 grendel?
  4. you guys loading these right on the lands or jumping them?
  5. Greg, Im still trying to pm with the info you asked for. I think I needed 10 posts. I will see if it works now, this is my 10th post.
  6. At this time I am just killing paper. Looking to see if I can use the lighter 52's for a 600 yard match and save the 68's and 75's for the 800, 900, 1000 yards. If the 52's won't be accurate enough at 600 I will have to use the heavier ones and not use the 52's at all. I can find the 52 grain bullets alot easier than the 68's, they are getting hard to find and I believe Hornady is not producing them at this time.
  7. So using your first post Greg, the lighter ones will hit the Iowa red barn at 1000yards but may not be accurate enough to hity a 12" prairie dog because they are getting blown around by the wind.
  8. it won't let me click by your name. I thought I read when I signed up that I can't send messages until I have a certain amount of posts, is that right?
  9. So what your saying is the lighter bullets will shoot just as far as the heavier ones, but it's harder to hit smaller targets with them because they get pushed around by the wind?
  10. Greg, Im new on this forum, how can I pm you ?
  11. How far can I expect to shoot each one of these grains before I get to there limit and they drop off? Im paper punching with a 20" 1:8.
  12. Thanks. Yes, there are a few more spots on BLM land that are close by.
  13. So the closer to the lands the better? I have a bolt gun than shoots its best at .030" off the lands. Does the AR platform like it to the lands?
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