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  1. Looking on ebay trying to find a decent deal on a aimpoint or eotech and ran across this. To me it looks real, but just wanted to see if anyone else on here has an opinion... <http://www.ebay.com/itm/AIMPOINT-SCOPE-RED-DOT-MOUNT-BLACK-RUBBER-COMP-ML2-MAGNIFIER-HUNTING-OUTDOORS-/271132678233?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f20c45859>
  2. This person is so overboard . It is a she, I forgot to add that she also posted how terrible she felt because of all the poor iraqi children that were killed due to our WMD's. Kid you not... That tells me, this girl is wacko-jacko. Got into a argument because I told the wifey that she is not welcome in my house. So none for me for awhile.
  3. Dude Whoopie . Probably, that is all they know how to do is repeat the same crap that the uneducated media pollutes the airwaves with. "Completely destroy everything you point it at". You have got to be shatting on me. I could say the same thing about my weiner (and I don't mean the politician) but that doesn't make it true.
  4. I was talking to the wife about her liberal friends and she showed me this facebook post of one of her associates calling a AR15 a weapon of mass destruction. Grrr... It goes on to say that no one needs 30 round "clips" to hunt.. Etc, Etc, Etc. the usual spill of talking points from the left. But WMD??? I'm starting to think that liberalism is a mental disorder...
  5. Picked up my last panic buy today. bought a stripped lower. spent 10 minutes waiting for the dealer to get through for the background check. all phone lines busy. this was at 3:30 central time. Lotsa a people buying guns!
  6. Comfortable on the mag situation. Clips. None. One time I went to my local dealer and asked to buy a clip. I asked the price and he told me 'bout tree fiddy. I said, " Tree Fiddy"?. He replied " I need tree fiddy". That's when I noticed that this dealer was the damn loch ness monster trying to get "tree fiddy" out of me. Couldn't help it. Used to watch southpark years ago.
  7. Seems like I picked a bad time to start using the AR15 platform. Nuts!. I also ordered from Botach yesterday. It is showing that they have shipped . Got in a frenzy after reading this boards and picked up 4 magpul emags (little pricey) from brownell. Anyone use the emag ? For the price, they better light me a cig after the price shafting
  8. Anyone know of any other possible sites for non-gouging priced ammo. Been to cheaper than dirt, luckygunner, ammotogo, mid south shooter supply. Dang AWB talk, everyone I've checked are out of stock for the cheapo 55 grain FMJ brass.
  9. Been away doing the getting married / honeymoon thing. I attended the new member orientation a few weeks back. The facilities look outstanding. Now if I can just find time to go out and try them. Thanks for the response.
  10. New Ar15 guy here. Was wanting to switch out my generic 3 point collapsable stock over to a magpul. It is showing that it will fit on mil spec tubes. Question, how do I know that is what I have? Are all collapsable stocks fitted to mil spec tubes? Thanks for your replies in advance.
  11. I was looking specifically at the OKC gun club. Filing out their application was like applying for a job. I just moved to Norman a little over a year ago and just started looking for a good outdoor range for at least 100 yd rifle. I saw that Norman has a club "Tri City" but they are not accepting new members until after the new year. Thought about the wildlife management area but since it's deer season , I think it is closed down. I want to stay away from the indoor ranges.
  12. Just wondering if there were any OKC gun club members. I was wanting to join and wanted to know how oftern they accept new members. Thanks, Brian
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