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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let's all be thankful for what we have and don't drink too much! haha :LPD:
  2. No its not from ATI, its from a small family business that I was told about from someone at work. But that yankee hill one looks nice too.
  3. Thanks for the post! Just bought 4 more
  4. I paid about $250 more for my LE6920 and it didnt come with any magpul stuff. I'd say both are a good deal and just comes down to what you wanna spend.
  5. I carry Hornady Critical Defense in my 9mm.
  6. I still have coffee in the pot so Good Morning
  7. Alright that makes sense. Would shooting it and traveling with it cause any problems if worse case happens?
  8. I've been reading of the threat of another ban being in place and since I didn't own anything like that back in 94 I don't know what all it does. I read high capacity mags, pistol grips would be off limits and would they require all owners of an Ar15 to surrender them? I could not find the answers I was looking for on google so I thought I'd post something here. Thanks
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