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  1. mda0112

    Decisions, decisions

    Haha, believe me when I say, I'm not complaining about this dilemma. Now my wife on the other hand... I've never owned a scope of any sort so that's the hang up. I was thinking a 3-9x Leupold VX-R in lieu of the Aimpoint on the Larue... like I said, I don't have the longest ranges out here to really stretch the rifle's legs, but I think I'd enjoy learning/trying to shoot the smallest groups possible, which is why I haven't really entertained a 1-4x much. Like you said, it's a great dilemma to have, but a dilemma nonetheless. As practical as a red dot is at those distances, I look at it two ways. The first is I have that i already have a dot covered with the V3 and the second is that a 3-9x isn't completely practical for my uses. Can't tell you how much time I've spent for the last 2 weeks researching and flip flopping.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a long time since I posted, but being that I always got excellent responses and advice here, I figured I'd shoot for some more. I currently have a Larue 14.5", 5.56 PredatOBR on order and at the moment, I am planning on sticking an Aimpoint micro H2 on it... but now am having conflicting thoughts. I also own a DDm4V3 and just sent in my Eotech 517 that lived on top of it for a refund, so that needs a new toy as well. My initial thinking was sticking the micro on the larue and a scope of some sort on the V3. Now I am wondering if it would make more sense to reverse that and find a nice variable power scope for the tobr and the red dot for the V3. I currently live in NJ and the longest range I have near me is 200 yards so the scope didn't make the most sense before with only one AR. But now that I have the larue coming, I feel like it would be best to get the most out of it accuracy wise... 14.5" barrel or not. Thoughts? Thanks guys
  3. I don't believe his bs for a second. Why no make the announcement beforehand and not after you get caught? I just wonder if a shop would have refused to sell to him. Again, I think he's full of shyte. I had a good chuckle
  4. mda0112

    Reply from Jim Cooper (D) TN

    This guy is full of it. As mentioned above where do his statistics come from? No one is seriously considering banning or confisgating guns from law abiding citizens? BS, if NY, NJ, CA, IL and now it seems MO got their way... they'd be out the door. I wrote my Democrat Rep back yesterday, but essentially told me he'd do whatever he had to to get his beliefs passed. He wrote me (more than likely an intern) close to a 1,000 word response and he used the word felon/criminal exactly once. Told me all I needed to know about him.
  5. Excellent letter! Let's hope the newspaper publishes this so you can preach to some like minded individuals, or more importantly those on the fence.
  6. mda0112

    Letter to my Rep

    Thanks Monster. I noticed the "quite frankly" wording after I posted this and to be honest, I actually edited my original post because it was in there a third time. I'll take a good look tonight and let the wife dress it up before I send it out. I won't hold my breathe on a response from him, especially since it took him almost two months to answer me in the first place!
  7. mda0112

    Letter to my Rep

    Absolutely, reading he between the lines he's saying "go f*** yourself". At least that's how I took it when I first read it... still do for that matter.
  8. mda0112

    Letter to my Rep

    Be my guest... let these arsehats have it
  9. mda0112

    Letter to my Rep

    Bear with me guys... gonna be a long post. Here is the garbage he sent me: Thank you for contacting me regarding gun-related violence. I appreciate knowing your views, and I apologize for the delay in my response. During 2012, horrific acts of gun-related violence were perpetrated in Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, New Jersey, and especially tragically, the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. While I join all Americans in sending my thoughts and prayers to the victim of gun crimes across the country, it's simply not enough for us to express our condolences. We must take action to make it harder for these tragedies to strike our communities. We should remember that each day on average more than 80 Americans are killed by gunfire, unnecessary tragedies. All of these deaths, whether from homicide or suicide or accident, are tragic, and we must act to prevent as many as possible. Arguments that gun safety legislation won't help the situation seem to me illogical or blindly ideological. I strongly support the effort Senators Lautenberg and Menendez are engaged in to require face-to-face ammunition purchasing requirements, and I am a co-sponsor of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's companion bill (H. R. 142) in the House. I am also a co-sponsor of bills to strengthen background checks (H. R. 137), to close the gun show loophole that allows sales without the background checks (H. R. 141), and to prohibit the sale or possession of large capacity magazines, clips or drums (H. R. 138). I successfully amended the House passed Fiscal Year 11 budget to ensure that the Department of Justice fully funded the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007. NICS is a national database system that keeps track of individuals disqualified under current law from purchasing and possessing firearms. I am also a co-sponsor of Rep. McCarthy's "Fix Gun Checks Act" (H.R. 137), which would, among other things, extend the Brady Act background check procedures to unlicensed transferors and transferees of firearms. I was pleased that Vice President Biden's Gun Violence Task Force recommendations embraced so many of these same concepts that I have long supported. Law enforcement organizations such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police understand that common-sense controls on the ownership and possession of firearms is important if we are to keep our streets safe. New Jersey's gun laws are strong, sensible, and help to keep us safe. Police, hobbyists, hunters, and other citizens live very comfortably under New Jersey's laws but our safety is undercut by lax laws in other states. I have opposed NRA giveaways like the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act that would trump state law and let anyone licensed in any state carry a concealed weapon in New Jersey. I will oppose strongly any efforts to undermine New Jersey's own effective gun control laws. At the start of the 113th Congress in January 2013, I introduced the Handgun Licensing and Registration Act (H. R. 117), which is modeled on the New Jersey law, and would extend the law uniformly across the country. It has worked in our state to help prevent "straw purchases" and other illegal efforts to obtain guns, and I believe such an approach can work nationally. Communities across this country have suffered because the House Tea Party majority has also tried to cut back funding for local police departments and even proposed eliminating the highly successful Community Oriented Policing Services COPS program. Cities and towns across our state have seen federal funding for programs like COPS slashed several years in a row, and predictably, the loss of police officers on the beat has been matched by an increase in violent crime in our state and around the nation. During the 112th Congress, I helped lead a bipartisan group successfully doubling funding for the COPS program in the Fiscal Year 2013 Justice Department appropriations bill, which resulted in an additional $94 million for the COPS program. Additionally, I also offered an amendment to close a loophole in the Sportsman's Heritage Act, H. R. 4089, that would have allowed hunting in all units of the National Parks System. Under the bill, hunting would be permitted in Great Falls National Historic Park in the heart of Paterson, the third-largest city in New Jersey. Unfortunately, the amendment ultimately was not successful. During the 113th Congress, I will be pressing for full funding for the COPS program to help bring down violent crime in New Jersey and across the nation. It's actions like these—improved regulation of firearms and who can obtain them, along with proper funding of our police forces and mental health services—that are the key ingredients in making tragedies like the ones in Colorado, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut less likely to happen. But we need all concerned Americans to raise their voice in support of sensible gun control changes being considered in Congress. In its 2008 decision in the Heller vs. District of Columbia case, the Supreme Court affirmed that "The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home" and that "Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited." I am pleased that the Supreme Court has recognized the legitimacy of efforts by states and localities to regulate the sale of handguns and to place limits on where those guns can be taken and used outside of a person's home, as well as on the apparent validity of licensing requirements and whether convicted felons can own firearms. I will continue to support common-sense legislation that helps to protect our communities from gun violence. Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. To learn more about my work on this and other issues, please visit my website at http://holt.house.gov. I look forward to hearing from you again about this and other issues. Sincerely, RUSH HOLT Member of Congress And here is my response: Dear Rep. Holt, During the last few days, I have gone back in forth in my mind about whether or not to write some sort of reply to the email you sent to me last week. At first I thought, don’t bother… it won’t make an ounce of difference because he doesn’t want to listen to a word you have to say. But last night, as I lie in bed contemplating further restriction of my second amendment right proposed in Trenton on February 13, I decided that I should not and will not let my voice go unheard. I read your response sent to me on February 8th and I have to be honest, I was deeply troubled and quite frankly disgusted with much of what you had to say. You mentioned that 80 Americans are killed each day by gunfire… what you failed to address is how many of those deaths are committed by law abiding gun owners with legal firearms. I won’t speculate on the numbers because quite frankly, I don’t know what they are, but I would wager my mortgage that the VAST majority are by criminals with illegal guns. You also mentioned that people argue that gun safety legislation won’t help the situation and that it is “illogical or blindly illogical”. What gun owner has ever had a problem with safety legislation? I doubt the vast majority have a problem, however we do object to RESTRICTIONS, which in my view are two completely different issues. Now, you also wish to ban the sale and possession of high capacity magazines. Do you realize that the Virginia Tech shooter used 17- ten round magazines? You also claim that hunter, hobbyists and other citizens live very comfortably under New Jersey’s current guns laws. Really sir? Who exactly do you talk to? The gun laws in this state are downright oppressive to citizens like myself. Criminals walking the streets in Trenton have weapons to wreak havoc on the innocent and we have no means to protect ourselves. Which brings me to my next problem. You say you oppose the National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act. Who exactly are you to stand in the way of my personal protection and the protection of my family? Meanwhile, politicians such as yourself certainly enjoy armed protection… on the taxpayer dime. What makes your life any more important than mine? Why should you be afforded the very same protection you wish to strip away from your constituents? This sir, is the absolute height of hypocrisy and quite honestly, makes me sick to my stomach. You also stated that the bill you introduced (Handgun Licensing and Registration Act, H.R. 117) has worked to help prevent “straw purchases and other illegal efforts to obtain guns”. Since it seems you forgot to include a source or statistics to back that claim, I’m going to assume that the claim has no merit. Truthfully, this is nothing more than your opinion used to drum up support. You then go on to blame House Tea Party majority for trying to cut back funding for local police departments which was the only thing in your entire email I found that I wasn’t surprised by. I just wonder if the program was ineffective, hence the slash in funding. What I truly think though is like anything else in government, there was mismanagement. Now, unlike you with your claim that I mentioned in the paragraph above this one, I will provide a source. According to a USA Today article titled “10 years and $10B later, COPS drawing scrutiny” dated 4/10/2005: “Federal audits of just 3% of all COPS grants have alleged that $277 million was misspent. Tens of thousands of jobs funded by the grants were never filled, or weren't filled for long, auditors found. And there's little evidence that COPS was a big factor in reducing crime.” In Albuquerque, for example, auditors allege that police used $7.4 million of the city's $12 million in COPS grants not to hire officers but to offset city cuts in the police budget. Albuquerque police deny any wrongdoing. “In Novinger, Mo., former police chief Charles Middleton was sentenced to two years' probation and ordered to pay $53,000 in restitution in 2002, after auditors accused him of using grant money to pay his salary and give himself a $6,000 raise. Meanwhile, few crime analysts say that COPS grants were significant in reducing crime. Analysts such as Stanford University's Joseph McNamara say that a much bigger factor has been the strong economy, which has kept many young people employed and away from crime. Of three studies on the issue, only one — which was funded by the Justice Department — found that the police hiring program was chiefly responsible for drops in violent crime rates among big cities. The General Accounting Office, Congress' research arm, dismissed that study as "inconclusive." I found this in literally 2 seconds with Google and I’m sure if I take the time to dig, I will find many, many more articles echoing similar sentiments. Finally Mr,. Holt, I come to the biggest problem I had in your response. You wrote me an email that contained roughly 964 words and you waited until the 904th word of that email to use the word felon… and it was used that one and only time. Exactly who are you legislating against Mr. Holt? I think I know the answer to that question and as a law abiding, Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran I am deeply troubled that I have someone like you representing me. Rest assured, I will do whatever I can as an individual to do my part to make sure that once your term is up, you aren’t re-elected. I am tired of politicians such as yourself, demonizing honest, hardworking, law abiding citizens. I may be only one person Mr. Holt, but I will make sure my voice is heard. Sincerely, Me I'll have my wife check for grammer and punctuation (English teacher). Feel free to comment guys. Thanks for reading.
  10. mda0112

    Y'all come to Texas

    In all fairness, those coming from NY and bringing their guns probably vote the right way to begin with.
  11. mda0112

    what a bunch of dumbasses.....

    Ain't that the sad truth
  12. mda0112

    three simple words....

    Good luck to you sir. It's a damn shame it's come down to this... I wish I had the balls to do what you're about to do. If the economy wasn't so shatty maybe I could talk the wife into moving down south... Texas in particular.
  13. mda0112

    It's going to be an interesting week

    To be fair, they may feel helpless against the sytem in place right now. Somehow the moron sitting in the oval office was re-elected... how that happened is beyond my comprehension. I feel that it's stacked against us right now too, but that doesn't mean I won't defend my right to anyone that will listen. I argue gun control on a daily basis with friends, most of whom believe gun control is the answer. Hell, one of my buddies is a gun owner and feels that way. I just don't know how you can show these people the light. They can't explain to you why the current gun laws already on the books don't deter these scumbags from murdering each other and innocent people, yet they think disarming a man with a gun to defend his home is a good thing. There just isn't any reasoning with stupid.
  14. mda0112


    At this point in time, I would have a tough time choosing between another AR and ammo. I guess is buy another AR.
  15. mda0112

    Range time since the madness began

    I hear ya... mine is tomorrow and that's why I wanted to go shoot. I picked up another 200 today so that brings my total to 1100. MAybe I'll take 100 and go enjoy my bday a bit. Happy birthday to you.