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  1. Answer... Get what you want now. Better yet get what you wanted last year. I sold my ar before obama was elected, then due to the economy i couldnt afford a new one. He got a second term and i got another ar in a week.
  2. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    Well i went out and got a sig. It was bout 300 more then i was gonna spend with that x company, but I got what i wanted.
  3. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    Ok thx. Ill look into it. Guess he monitors this forum because i got a cancellation of order email minutes after i sent him a pm here. Oh well.
  4. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    Well hes lurking here because, instead of calling me to confirm, he made me wait 5 days then cancelled my order! All i wanted was a confirmation and have a cool ar come in the mail. So instead of calling or emailing back he just cancelled my order after a 5 day wait. Great. Ill be busy going on every forum bashing his sales.
  5. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    I know. Just hate bashing companies.
  6. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    Thanks for the welcome. Today still no response to calls or emails. It was a debit card so i will have to file a claim. I just thought id go light on christmas shopping on the kids ( just not go all out) and for one year buy myself something for christmas. Wish i would of just put that money towards more gifts for the kids. IM ALSO THE OWNER OF ONE OF THE BIGGEST hunting and fishing forums in the state of florida. Trust me if i get burnt hes gonna lose business.
  7. Cr0ck1

    red x arms

    Heres my story about redx arms. I ordered an upper, lower, and misc other other parts. I paid online right away. I had emailed them numerous times to just speak to a person to for 1 confirm the order and as i had noticed after my order that the lowers were back ordered. So all i wanted is an answer on HOW LONG the backordered lower will take to come in. Also they never asked for ffl info to ship the lower at any time in the payment process. Ive emailed them many times and have called at least 5 times a day for the past 5 days and left numerous messages with no return call or email response. IM PISSED. their customer service is THE MOST HORRIBLE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Also they should take your money once its shipped, they already took my money, cant get a refund even if i wanted to cause they are just a money deposit who wont answer the phone, or email. I have a guy holding a lower for me because i told him i noticed redx had them on back order ( after i paid) and i would call them to see hoe long its on backorder and if it was long id cancel the lower and get it from my friends shop. Well he told me he had 4 and three of them are prepaid for. So he is or maybe by now WAS holding it for me. So now I have no idea when the parts are coming, what method, no tracking number, no idea about the time on the lower, they cant even ship the lower because they wont pick up the phone to get the ffl info or answer back an email. So i guess i got screwed out of my money. Sucks to drop that kind of money around christmas time and get screwed. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH REDXARMS, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT PICK UP THE PHONE (ive been calling at least 5 times a dat for 5 days straight at all times of the day) and they will not return emails. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN PUTTING YOUR MONEY INTO A PAPER SHREDDER THEN USE REDX ARMS.