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  1. Looked it over again. I don't think removing the rear sight will get it back on the receiver even. Jst gonna have to buy their spacer/cantilever.
  2. I'm pretty certain it is as far back as it ccan be. I don't believe so. I can take the base off I'm pretty sure. It's this one.Linky-dinky. Edit: just read the description again at the website. Says you can't use a rear BUIS with a magnifier. Missed that info when I was buying. Looks like a cantilever like someone mentioned, or no rear BUIS. No BUIS would be the cheaper route. Almost hate to do that.
  3. Mounts and Red Dot are Primary arms. I'll get a picture up.
  4. It's a Troy Battle Rail...free floating like a balloon.
  5. I bought a magnifier because my eyes aint what they used to be and found I needed one. When I mount them it pushes the red dot out on the handguard so it's straddling across where the handguard meets the reciever. It's a pretty seamless match between the two but something tells me this isn't a good idea.Will it affect accuracy? Yea? Nay?
  6. I hope your right. Seems there is a new ammuntion ban or law everyday. They just keep chipping away and gaining steam with the sheeple.
  7. I wouldn't laugh too long. It will work, and that midget is rich and determined. They are turning people steadily and at a good pace now. Folks that don't have a clue, but having a clue is detrimental to their cause. We've tolerated too much for too long and I'm afraid the coaster is about to drop over the hill.
  8. Think I'll just buy a Bravo bolt and put it in my carrier just so I'll know for sure what's in it. I'm the type that this will bug me until I know what's in it, and it's not that expensive. I'll pick up a couple firing pins while I'm there.
  9. I thought the "MP" might mean that, but I assumed it would say "MPI". Good to know it is. A FA BCG might slow it down too much, I noticed shooting PMC Bronze .223 Saturday that it was ejecting a little forward (like 1 o'clock forward), whereas when I shot .556 before that it was ejecting at around 4 o'clock.
  10. Looks like it's a semi, right? The bolt has an MP mark on it, anyone know what that means?
  11. Guess I'll just have to break her open and have a look. Need to clean it anyway, shot yesterday. Badly.
  12. Another noob inquiry. Gonna upgrade my bolt and carrier. I see semi's and auto's. What's the diff? Are they interchangeable? How do I know which I have? Is one better than the other? I need an education in BCG's.
  13. Smith and Wesson M&P 40 compact and a Ruger LCP.
  14. There are simpler dripping atty's than those rebuildables. They go for about $6. Drip 3-5 drops in it every so often. I have several I use to try new juices. The rebuildables are too much trouble for me. If you don't mind tinkering, the rebuildables are pretty nice.
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