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  1. Its not the first time I have been afflicted in such a way. I acted so rashly because I was more worried about our glorious re-elected leader and what he might do with his fellow conspirators in DC. I think that when you have nearly 30 plus precincts in a single state where not a single vote was cast for the conservative candidate, something is just not right. I don't believe it at all. What is done is done and I will watch the progression of events unfold with calm reserve and resolve. Timelord
  2. I appreciate the reply. Thanks Timelord
  3. Well after deep thought and concentration, my bank saved me. They had not heard from the company within the time limit for my bank and the payment had not been made, so I am not out any funds. I am looking for a complete upper for my new build. I am trying to build a service rifle variant to use at my club. Rifling has to be able to stabilize 62 grn and heavier projectiles, some reading I have done indicate I should be looking at 1:8 or 1:7 or 1:7.5. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Trying to keep the upper complete in the 550 price range if possible. Timelord
  4. I did some research on the web and did not find anything adverse originally and the price of the barreled upper looked good. I guess the election results tipped the scale and caused me to order the way I did, as I had been hesitant to do so up until then. Most of the customer comments on the web were positive referencing this company. It was only after I made my order and discovered they don't have a record of it on their site that I began to see negative comments about them.
  5. Has anyone dealt with RedXArms? I have ordered a barreled upper from them, but cannot find any information on their website about the order, shipping date or acknowledgement they have the order. I posted an email to them 2 times and called them twice, but stilll no answer from them. I have an invoice from the purchase and my bank account has been debited the amount. I just wonder if anyone here has had any dealings with them since you don't seem to be able to contact anyone there. Thanks for any replies. Timelord
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