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  1. You gotta remember it's not tactical training it's a game. Sounds like you want force on force training with simunitions. This game teaches weapon manipulation, accuracy and speed. Tactics are best learned in tactical classes.
  2. Check out the latest episode of 3 Gun Nation Club TV. Coming soon to a club/range near you. http://3gunnation.com/club_series/3gn_club_tv?utm_source=3-Gun+Nation+Online+Subscribers&utm_campaign=3f51dbee77-3GNCTV+%25234+Launch&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_9a732adacb-3f51dbee77-29995869
  3. Shotgun is my favorite. The tactical or ipsc style 3 gun matches are a blast. The versatility of the shotgun with the different chokes, ammo types, various static and dynamic targets, and loading methods makes it the most fun to me. I enjoy sporting clays and a little trap & skeet too.
  4. I've heard several people ask if its free to come watch. My response is that its free but it ain't cheap. Welcome to the addiction!
  5. Thats tight! I don't see anything like that outta my trigger finger.
  6. That red dot in conjunction with a scope puts you in Open division.
  7. Make Ready Pro Shop has the best price on the Titan. http://www.makereadyproshop.com/category-s/1859.htm Check Brownells for the Rolling Thunder. http://www.brownells.com/search/index.htm?...r&ksubmit=y
  8. Unfortunately precision shooting and my lack of patience don't mix!
  9. Thanks for the kind words! Ditch the comp. I run a SJC Titan. Kalani runs a Rolling Thunder or a Seekins Precision. A clay target at 100-200 yards is a very tough shot especially in a match. Those things are roughly 4" diameter which is 4 MOA at 100 and 2MOA at 200. That's pretty sporty when you are trying to break shots as fast as you can. The key to making precision rifle shots is just trigger control and acceptable sight alignment. In 3 gun we often get in a hurry and accept sight pictures and trigger squeeze that isn't perfect. This usually results in a miss. Slow down, align the sights, squeeze the trigger, and get your hits. P.S. you can't drill a hole in the stag comp without a serious drill press or mill. It's really hard. I tried.
  10. Ah ha! I read comp and thought either competition or compensator. Lol! Put a link to the new thread in here so I see it please.
  11. If anybody is going to SHOT show. We will have free tickets to the $50,000 rumble on the range shoot off. Come see us early cause they went fast last year.
  12. Shoot me a PM or start a thread about what upgrades you're thinking about for the 3G and send me a link. What do you mean by u will never be a comp guy?
  13. I knew I forgot something! http://www.rockcastleshootingcenter.com/
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