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  1. MyCleverSN

    Buying Lower Receiver in California

    Yeah get them before the end of the year and you don't have to register. I'd buy a couple lowers rather than a complete and then build one for now and have a couple on reserve for when your fiending for another build from BRD. They went full retard and banned bullet buttons so eventually that's gonna have to go and there is another modification you'll have to do to keep it legal. I'm hoping our new president can doing something about that.. I also hope people just say F it and stop playing these silly games. You don't necessarily "build" an AR15, you assemble them; with that begin said it's extremely easy and can be more cost effective while your also learning more about the weapon and likely having fun doing it. Good luck
  2. MyCleverSN

    Tactical Vest (At a reasonable price?)

    Unless your going to use armor I'd go with a chest rig. The surplus Chinese ones are good and very inexpensive. If you want a vest condor has some inexpensive plate carriers/vests and the shellback banshee is an inexpensive plate carrier as well. SKD and LBT have some nice stuff but your gonna drop some coin
  3. MyCleverSN

    Have you Read...

    I've only read #1 on your list. Another good one is "the last hundred yards: the nco's contribution to warfare"
  4. MyCleverSN

    The Official I Voted Thread

    My gf and I voted an hour ago both for trump. As did my whole family I saw that one lol. It also requires them to name the place it was filmed at.. No on ammo registration as well
  5. Oh yeah, and the article talked about fraud and such. When I enlisted in the beginning of 2010 there were bonuses for recommending people to join kinda like a finders fee. The recruiters just told the Army that all the recruits recommended each other (we didn't know each other we had all just volunteered) and then my particular recruiter was taking a cut once the soldiers received our bonuses after training. It didn't seem like a bad idea but I actually never got mine because my recruiter just kinda forgot about me since I shipped to OSUT rather quickly; I did talk to other soldiers years ago who had joined when I did with the same recruiter and they said it worked for them and that our recruiter was asking to have a cut of the money later on. I wanna say it was $3500 for enlisted and $7500 for officers. They caught on and some recruiters got in trouble and the whole program went away later that year.
  6. Right before I ETS'd out of the guard there were still soldiers who had been in 6 + years and still haven't received their bonus at all..
  7. MyCleverSN

    Michelle Obama's mom to get $160,000 pension

    Just like Michelle Obama I bet there are no photots of her pregnant either. What a bunch of horse shat
  8. MyCleverSN

    WWII Pilot, 101, say's goodbye to his P-38

    Right when he went into hospice... that awesome that he gets to enjoy that one last time before his "final flight". God speed sir
  9. MyCleverSN

    Yegar and his jackwagon statements.

    His forum getoffthex has a lot of good information on tactics, medical, preparedness ect.. I don't like him specifically but I can't deny his forum having a wealth of knowledge
  10. MyCleverSN

    I'm wore out,

    Right on stay safe red your doing good work and post up some vids I bet they'll be interesting for sure!
  11. MyCleverSN

    A major screwup

    Damn what a terrible rookie mistake. Right when you said they took the C collar off and his legs no longer hurt I knew were you were headed.. They didn't use a traction or any other kind of splint for his leg? I almost always had people complain when I put a C collar on.. Same with motorcyclist in accidents who want to take their helmet off.. I never felt comfortable doing it. C3 4 5 keeps the diaphragm alive.. he's lucky to still be here but it's going to be a hard life. sorry to hear that
  12. MyCleverSN

    Rural King Selling Anderson Lowers

    Anderson is still on my don't buy from $hit list from what they did to everyone on the forum for the brought buy a couple years ago
  13. MyCleverSN

    Ordered one of these for $3.99 to try

    I've had an msr pocket rocket for a few years now and it's never failed me. I use to bring it with me in the field and heat up Ramen and other stuff to avoid mre's. Some guys in my unit started to do the same thing and they bought these. They work pretty damn well especially for the price and the built in sparker is nice. I bought one as a backup for roughly $12 maybe two years ago but haven't used it because my msr is my go to. For $4 n free shipping you can't go wrong I'm ordering another
  14. MyCleverSN

    SOLD!!!! WTS: 20" AR15A4 Service Rifle updates

    How much for just the upper?