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  1. calebj06

    Takin out the trash.

    Dude needs to practice shooting from a compressed position. You stick it out there you might get it taken away! But besides that.... nice job
  2. calebj06

    Crime and punishment

    Hmmm. I kinda agree with this. Can you tell me what used to happen to a man caught molesting a woman or child?? Me thinks I would be perfectly ok with going back to that. My wife and children shure would feel safer at home alone.
  3. calebj06

    First attempt at wood working. DIY desk/table

    UPDATE. Sorry this took so long guys. Life got real crazy real quick and the weather has been trash. I didn’t want to stain it until the weather was nice. So I jumped on it today because it’s sunny and 50 and I don’t have anything going on for once. Here it is. All that’s left if poly after the stain dries. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. calebj06


    Nope. But we might want to have a weinie roast. If could be chilly!! But I’m game.
  5. calebj06


    You might have to use some of those screw in house trailer anchors!
  6. calebj06


    I will actually be in Colorado Springs the 17th through the 19th so staying for the 20-22sy would be very doable!!
  7. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Good morning fellas
  8. calebj06


    Is it a problem that I have no clue who that is??
  9. calebj06

    Crime and punishment

    So I didn’t read all 12 pages so I might have missed this point. What would everyone think if instead of just loosing your 2nd amendment rights you lost other rights as well. From now on of convicted lf of a felony you lose your right to free speech and your right to vote. How how do you think that would go over politically? Are you a felon? Yes sir ok shut up. No more talking or you go to jail. We don’t have to listen to you anymore. ITS CRAZY!!!!
  10. calebj06

    I tell ya what, it pays to buy quality equipment.

    I push the lawn boy to get my yard mowed faster! Does that count??
  11. calebj06

    New camper AGAIN!

    Thx guys. We are really excited. Hoping to get everything figured out on it this week
  12. calebj06

    New camper AGAIN!

    Hey fellas. Spring has almost sprung and we have CAMPING FEAVER!! About a year and and a half ago my wife and I bought a new camper. Well not brand new but 2012. It’s absolutely amazing. And it’s HUGE!! After using it for a full season we realized it’s not really the best option for us. Especially with 3 kids now. So we decided to find something with bunk beds for the kids. And something light enough that my 1/2 ton truck can pull it. (For now. New truck is a year away). Im that guy that researches everything. We have worn this one out!! We listed ours for sale and my dad made the comment that he would like to have it. I didn’t think he was serious. Well I showed it to someone else and he kind of got upset. He was for real. He is buying it on Monday!! So so we have picked out what we want. And I have price shopped FOR DAYS! Local dealers all have one in stock but aren’t willing to budge on price much. They are around 30-32% off MSRP. I was looking for 35% off. Well I got one dealer to 35% only to have someone message me and say I should check out this place in Cincinnati. I called them and HOLY COW!! They have 2 of them and have had them for a while. Have them clearanced out to 45% off list price!!! So we should be picking it up at the end of the week!!! 2019 open range light 312BHS. this thing has so many extra features it’s crazy. Little things like using a PVC roof instead of the rubber. It has a whisper quiet AC unit so you don’t have to listen to it run all the time inside the camper 3 bunks and a dinette that makes a bed for a total of 4 sleeping spaces for the kids. 2 of the bunks are actual double bed size though!! STORAGE FOR DAYS!!! I can’t even name all of the storage! 2 awnings outside outside kitchen the newer frameless windows. ZERO CARPET!!! Even in the slide outs. No carpet is huge with kids! A large closet in the master bedroom. Even has a washer and dryer prep but we probably won’t use it. We are really in love with it and feel like we are getting an amazing deal. I will share actual pics when we get it!!
  13. calebj06

    Watch this German Boar Hunter.....

    Someone needs to introduce him to the AR world.
  14. calebj06

    Hey Sorceress 21

    Happy bday to one of the armmorys only female members!! Hope you spinning your wheels on a bike or zooming around the skies somewhere today!! (I’ll apologize about joel and the Man comment in the meme! a Habit and unintentional I believe).
  15. calebj06

    LEO advice needed

    Were the mags where they could easily find them first?? If so, I say they either found the mags and were So excited to get something cool that they bailed without looking through the other stuff. OR, like said above, got tunnel vision for the gun and then either realized they had been there too long or something spooked them (dog barking, car driving by, you going pee in the middle of the night and turning a light on.....). Sice they know you you have a gun anyway (which is pretty much a given where I’m from!) you could put out one of those signs that says “this house protected by smith and Wesson!”