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  1. calebj06


    Yeah I just couldn’t picture you in yoga pants....... for real though if any of you have a Nintendo Wii it has a pretty good yoga program with the balance board.
  2. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Morning boys
  3. calebj06

    Extreme Balls!!

    That’s nuts! Corners at 175!!!
  4. calebj06

    Gillett razor

    That was EXTREMELY well said my friend. I had a conversation with a friend about this tonight. He works in an environment where he has been pushed down and walked over because he is a white male. So he’s tired of it and this commercial ruffled his feathers. From my perspective I work with a bunch of god fearing family men that do construction work. I don’t watch TV or movies or see any of the commercials so I miss out on a lot of what has everyone so upset. I don’t even follow the news all that much. But your comments really bring it home to me too. Your right, if a video was put out like that about women there would be war!! There are are a lot of dirtbag men that need to straighten up. But there are a lot of good ones too!!!
  5. calebj06

    Gillett razor

    And I agree with you on that point. It can can only hurt business. But SOMEBODY needs to say some of these things. Our media doesnt say them. We don’t have fathers in homes to say them people don’t go to churches anymore to get this teaching school teachers don’t say them I just watched it again. My biggest gripe with the “toxic masculinity” bit in the background from the news reporter at the beginning. Leave that line out and I don’t have much to complain about. I still think it’s stupid to put your brand on the line over it, but that’s the choice they made. Yes I saw all of the typical subconscious racial things going on. Someone said ALL of the good guys were black and all of the bad guys were white. Sorry, that’s not true. Go watch it again. Yes the first 3 or 4 of the good guys were black but then there were some white guys too. Sorry. I’m just not seeing the need for major outrage. And no I’m not a Gillette customer. I use Harry’s.
  6. calebj06

    Gillett razor

    So I just watched the commercial for the first time. Im about as conservative as they come. What exactly did everyone find so apauling? I guess im just confused. Are you guys guys trying to say that a lot of this stuff doesn’t happen?? I get the frustration with the metoo movement stuff but there really are a lot of low life pigs that are men that get their rocks off on bullying, belittling, and abusing other people. As a a father I am trying to teach my children not to be like that. If you just dont like the fact that they are making a statement about i that’s fine. You can have that opinion. But what about this add makes you feel that it’s liberal leaning?? Just because they say men shouldn’t do these things and should be the best they can be??? Help me out here
  7. calebj06


    Looks interesting. I think that 43x could be quite the hit. Especially with the ladies. Everyone complaines that the glock is too chuncky or blocky. So they thin it down some. The 43x now has a bit more grip space. Should be a super easy gun to control and conceal.
  8. So since my surgery I’ve just been hanging around the house not doing much. Going stir crazy really. So Friday I really started to feel much better. I was able to walk normally and move around with no pain. So I’m almost complete with my new office building and I need some furniture. I was going to have someone build me a desk but I figured, hey why not, I’m fairly handy. So I started out from these plans http://www.ana-white.com/2012/08/plans/55-fancy-x-desk I made a few changes though. I wanted it to look a little beefier so instead of 2x4’s for the uprights I used a 4x4 And I didn’t like the seam from stacking 2 2x4’s so I went with a 4x4 as well. Here is a pic of the first completed leg Not perfect but pretty nice for my first one ever. I’m staining the bottom a very dark almost black so I’m thinking it will hide a lot of the things that are seen in the bare wood. So then I knocked out the other side and connected them up Now comes the top. The hard part. Remember I’m doing this all with dimensional lumber from Lowe’s........ not hardwoods either. Plain old pine 2x8’s for the top. I wanted a little nicer top than the plans called for. They were only doing 23 inches or so and that seemed small for me. So I used 4-2x8’s to make it 28 inches. I ripped the lumber down to square up the sides and take out that nasty rounded edge that all 2x lumber has. I lot of the pics online were people just butting the boards and going with it. I wanted it a little nicer. I also wanted a nice finish on the end so I decided to make some bread boards. No remember I’m a COMPLETE NOVICE!! No fancy joinery here. I bought a pocket hole jig from menards for joining everything. I also got REALLY LUCKY!! I remember that my father in law has a planer!!! Now we don’t have the best relationship but I thought it was worth a shot. Called him up and he said he had the day off today so bring it on over. (I’ve been to their house like 3 times in the last 10 years. Felt kinda odd, but maybe the start to patching things up a bit). So I was able to plane all of the boards nice and flat for a uniform finish!!!! Sooooo sweet!!!!! Brought it back home and assembled it all. I will say that I could definitely use a nice large work surface. The garage floor isn’t perfectly flat!! So here is the finished build. Not stained yet however. I’m fairly satisfied. It’s not PERFECT (yes I’m that guy sometimes). The left side breadboard is slightly low in the middle causing a small lip. I tried correcting it but it ain’t happening. I’ve sanded and sanded but to no avail. It really needs hand planed but I have NO CLUE how to do that!!!! Good thing is my computer will sit right there so no one will ever see it. And you actually can’t see it anyway. But you can feel it. And here is what I’m shooting for on the finish. It was a fun project. My 6 year old daughter helped me a lot on it so that’s good too!! We had fun making sawdust cookies! I was also able to pick up a cheap table saw last night on Craigslist for $80 to add to my tools and an orbital sander for $18!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good Morning!

    Morning guys!
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    Yea, It's Monday.

    Not violent enough!
  11. calebj06

    Yea, It's Monday.

    I really look forward to these!!! Is that ok??? I feel like im getting enjoyment from someone else’s pain.... oh well. At least it’s not me for once!!!
  12. Awesome! And look who is back from the dead! I was genuinely worried about you man. Thought something had happen. Welcome back
  13. calebj06

    The boys playing at work without me

    Lol. I might have spoken too soon. They went out for an install this morning trying to beat the rain. Got the pipe laid and the hole dug and the rain came. The mats weren’t useful and they had about 60’ to go across the yard. They only made it 20 before the truck sunk half way to China. And the excavator wouldn’t touch it!! So they had had to play leap frog of sorts. Lift up the tank and set it on the ground as far as you can reach. (About 8 feet) Then the equipment is able to pull the truck backward 8 feet because it’s now 8000 lbs lighter. Rinse and repeat about 6 times. IN THE RAIN!!!! Yeah they weren’t to happy when they got back in. Kind of a rough day.
  14. calebj06

    My nightmare video

    UGH!!!!! That the one major issue I had when we bought this house!! Both bathrooms. Rotted floor Nd even the joists were toast. The carpet was original 1972!