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  1. calebj06

    So, Who Is At The Bench Today?

    ITS ALIVE!!!! MY RELOADING BENCH IS ALIVE!!!! It only took like 6 hours of cleaning to get it that way but....... did I ever you guys that organization is not my strong suit! But anyway, it’s cleaned off. I can actually use it. And a super bonus is that I found about 100 6.5x6.8 cases that I had marked RTL, or in my language Ready To Load!! Sweet. All they need is powder and bullets. That makes life really easy. I have 300 nosler 123gr CC’s to share between the 6.5x6.8 and the new Creedmoor. Now, where did I put those Creedmoor dies????..........
  2. calebj06

    Boarder wall

    I’d be in for a go fund me on the boarder wall. Do we have an estimated cost on the wall? Wonder how many $10 donations it would take.
  3. I kid you not there is a commercial for a dr in St. Louis that is done by ex cardinals manager Tony Larusa. It’s for St. Louis men’s clinic and the guys name is Dr. Hatchet!!!!!!! no thank you.
  4. calebj06

    BHW barrel too much headspace?

    As much as I hate to, I actually agree with you! And my most favorite and best shooting gun wears a BHW barrel!
  5. calebj06

    Crying wolf??? Armory Theme AR2

    Wow. Your right. I just switched back and t’s broken on my iPhone as well. Im stumbling through armory 1 right now. The pages look good but the menu is screwy. Admin. I hope you don’t take our comments as complaining. I’m not complaining, we just want you to be notified of the issues. We are in no rush here. Thanks for all of your hard work.
  6. calebj06

    Black Friday deals

    http://www.combatarmory.com/combat-armory-ar15-223-223-wylde-300acc-blackout-5-56-nato-mil-spcc-bolt-carrier-group-made-in-the-usa/ then use use coupon code take25 for another 25% off and free shipping. I just ordered one for $45!!!!!
  7. Somehow I missed that!! Pm sent.
  8. calebj06

    Any Financial Planners on here?

    I worked as a financial advisor for one of the big 3 finance firms for a while. I believe you have my phone number if you wanna give me a call. Or you can shoot me a PM. I’ll do what I can to help. Caleb
  9. calebj06

    Milwaukee drill deal, 11-14-18 only

    2 ship buildings 6 trucks my personal set. Yeah we have a few tools running around.
  10. calebj06

    Black Friday deals

    Anyone searching for smokin deals yet??? Im looking for a BCG and 6.5 creed dies. Anyone seen any BCG deals? Fell free to post any smokin deals that you see caleb
  11. calebj06

    Official Photo Test Thread

    When the site first came back I was actually the guy that told everyone they could post directly to the site. It was really cool. And then something changed and now I am unable to do that any longer from my phone. Really stinks!!
  12. calebj06

    I need ham help!

    Although I tend to agree with you, my turkeys are gonna be bacon wrapped as well as my poppers. I’m thinking I want something different for the ham.
  13. calebj06

    I need ham help!

    That’s right. HAM HELP! So I picked up a bone in half ham from my local butcher yesterday for thanksgiving. T Day is at our house this year and I’m doing a lot of cooking. But the problem is.......I don’t really like ham!!! So I want to try something different with it. I’m going to be smoking turkey and poppers as well as Mac and cheese. So the ham will be on the smoker but I don’t want it to be just plain old ham. Any ideas?? Im leaning away from the traditional glaze. I was actually thinking more along the lines of BBQ sauce on it???? Maybe something like sweet baby rays? What see are your thoughts guys? What will make is super special? caleb
  14. As the title says. Does anyone have an extra BCG they wanna sell?? I actually don’t even need the bolt. Just the carrier group. Thanks in advance caleb