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  1. calebj06

    Ground turkey egg rolls

    So you scoff at my ground turkey and then tell me your watching carbs (so obviously eating healthier)????? Ummmm..... ok. If you want all of the fat and greasiness of the ground pork or beef be my guest. But the turkey was perfect. As far as which Blackstone, I have the 22” portable combo. Came with the lid and the fold up legs. It actually belongs in the camper but since it’s winter....... I really want the new 36” griddle/ air fryer combo for home!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. This was a new one for us tonight and it was AMAZING Grilled up some ground turkey on my Blackstone griddle. Add some minced garlic and minced ginger. Then add some Sesame oil and a couple big handfuls of premade coleslaw mix from the grocery store. (Cabbage, carrots,etc) Add a few splashes of soy sauce Sauté for a couple minutes and then remove. Take egg roll wrappers and fill with the above filling. (Do not overfill). Wet the edges of wrapper with a finger dipped in water. Roll them up tight while tucking in the edges. Now the cooking method. If you want to deep fry them you can. If you have an air fryer they work great. We used a presto pizzaz which is just a round tray that turns around with a heating element on top and bottom. If not deep frying spray the rolls with cooking spray so that they have some oil to crisp up. Serve over white rice The fruit recipe was super easy and awesome as well. Cut up strawberries bananas oranges and blueberries. Toss in honey, lime juice, chopped pecans and sunflower seeds (or whatever you have in the cabinet). Enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. calebj06

    Turkey day

    Gobble til you wobble boys!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. calebj06

    Happy Thanksgiving Morning!

    Gobble gobble everyone! Now let’s eat!
  5. calebj06

    Turkey day

    Well it has started here. For starters this morning I have 2 3lb boneless turkey footballs! Decided to make a nice little bacon weave for them Then cover it in brown sugar and maple syrup. Set those nicely brined turkeys on there and wrap them up. Then it’s off to the smoker at 225 for about 3-31/2 hours Next up on the to do list is some bacon for breakfast. Oh yeah, then I also have 2 big nice Tri-Tips’s marinating in brown sugar and burbon Those go on the smoker in about 30-45 minutes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Good morning boys
  7. calebj06

    I'll See But I'm Broke

    We have a place here in town that sells frames for $50-75 and they all look just fine. Just not name brand. Then poly lenses run me about $80 so maybe $125 all in. Not to bad at all. And they will replace the lenses 2x if they get scratched in the first 2 years.
  8. calebj06

    Hey calebj06

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. Sorry that I haven’t been around much lately. I still lurk in the background but life has been crazy busy. This place will always be my internet home and actually I leave the armory pulled up on my safari browsers top page at all times! Thanks again
  9. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Good morning fellas!
  10. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Good Saturday morning to ya fellas.
  11. calebj06

    Just for Fun

    I know that in a normal instance but the OP stated no other full auto parts. I was wondering if the 2 together would be pushing it
  12. calebj06

    Just for Fun

    So if you have a FA BCG would you then be in trouble?
  13. calebj06

    Going to be a crop insurance kinda year

    Down here is southern IL the corn planting has been crazy the last week to 10 days. We have went from practically zero fields planted to guys running 24/7. Usually corn is knee high by this time of year. I’m just now starting to see little 1 inch tall sprouts. Should be be an interesting year to watch the weather over the summer. If it get dry and hot fast we are going to have trouble.
  14. calebj06

    9mm up next

    A shameless plug for a video that I did!!
  15. calebj06

    Dammit! It's Monday again!

    I bet that fork lift driver went to the hospital. The fall didn’t hurt but I bet the stopping part did when he hit bottom!!