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  1. calebj06

    Dammit! It's Monday again!

    I bet that fork lift driver went to the hospital. The fall didn’t hurt but I bet the stopping part did when he hit bottom!!
  2. For me it’s only about looks. All else is negligible. I’m not a good enough shot and I’m not carrying it far enough for any of the rest of it to matter.
  3. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Morning you early birds
  4. calebj06

    FatBoy coolers anyone?

    I stumbled on to these today and really like the look of them. https://fatboycoolers.com/fatboy-70qt-roto-molded-wheeled-cooler-marine-camo.html I had been thinking about selling my yeti 65 and getting something with wheels! I hate lugging that thing around and I’m also not a yeti fan (it was a gift). This one looks great. Love the blue/white color. Wheels look solid and I love the pressure relief so the kids can get it open. Oh and they are running a free accessorie kit for Memorial Day. Im sold. Ordered one tonigh. Sold my 3 year old yeti for $220 and bought the FatBoy for $289. Not bad if you ask me. Review coming bing when I get it. Hopefully soon. We start a 2 week camping trip on Monday.
  5. Awesome story. Was the lathe his by chance?
  6. calebj06


    Hey fellas. Just touching base on this one. I wont know until the end of this month if I can make it for sure. Have another trip to Colorado planned in July and I can’t swing both but it might get nixed. Won’t know until June 1st.
  7. calebj06

    Good Morning!

    Morning fellas. Long time no see
  8. calebj06

    What's for dinner.

    Need I say more?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. calebj06

    First attempt at wood working. DIY desk/table

    Im actually hoping to take it to my new office this week. I’ll get you a pic when I do
  10. calebj06

    Your top 2 recipes.

    This is funny. We rate our dinners every night. 5 star system 1 Star- won’t eat it. Terrible 2 star- I’ll eat it but don’t like it and never fix it again 3 star- it’s fine. I’ll eat it. Needs a few tweaks to make it great 4 star- you can fix this any time you want. Maybe just needs some different sides to make it top notch. 5 stars- favorites only. (Wife’s chicken and dumplings, my ribeye steaks, ect...)
  11. calebj06

    Scope advice

    I have an Athlon as well and although I haven’t put it through any serious abuse, it has tracked and shot just fine on my 6.5 creed so far.
  12. calebj06

    The Armory is in mourning.

    This is still weighing on many of us here. I have been thinking about all of the times that he helped many of us with silly questions and all. This is just a thought but what about a subforum dedicated to Jeff? He was our resident lawyer and always answering silly law questions that we all had personal or just in general. I understand that it would have to have a disclaimer that its not actual legal advice and all, but just a place to ask law related questions of all sorts like gun laws by state, CCW laws, laws regarding things like elder care and POA. These are all things that I remember Jeff helping us all with. We could also post all of our lawyer jokes in there as well!!!!! Never forgotten my friend.
  13. calebj06

    The Armory is in mourning.

    More info regarding the situation if anyone wants to read. Looks like our friend wasn’t alone in contracting this disease. https://www.wptv.com/news/local-news/martin-county/more-hepatitis-a-cases-uncovered-on-same-palm-city-street
  14. calebj06

    The Armory is in mourning.

    I have no words...... RIP my friend. You were always there for us. Every morning will be different at the armory forever.........
  15. calebj06

    I'm Officially a Hoosier Now!

    Pay someone to do it!! You will never regret it!!