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  1. One of my first loves is photography and I had a little downtime last night so I decided to shoot my rifle. There will be more to come but I'm at work and this is the only one I could pull from the internet. facebook.com/ehp.holmes ericholmesphotography.com P.S.- I didn't know where to put this thread.
  2. With all the scare, I haven't found much ammo, so I have a couple of questions. 1. Can I sight my rifle in with 5.56 55gr brass and it still be correct with .223 55gr brass? 2. If I use .223 55gr steel, will it be the same as .223 55gr brass?
  3. They did a great job at refinishing my Aimpoint Comp M2. Looks factory fresh. Please note that the bracket was not coated by them.
  4. I got that fixed on the rail. So I'm not really sure what I want to use it for. What if I sighted it in at 50 yards, how would that be at 100 yards and something as close as 10 yards?
  5. -Aero Precision Lower -DPMS LPK -Bravo Co BCG -Palmetto State standard charging handle -Palmetto State 16" Midlength upper -Daniel Defense Omega 12" quadrail -Aimpoint Comp M2 I do have one question. I plan to site in the RDS this weekend. What range do y'all recommend siting it in for?
  6. I finally got it shaved down enough for it to fit. That Omega quadrail sure needs a real low profile block. It was way smaller than my standard hand guards.
  7. Good point. I've heard Tango Down up above. What are some other grips you like?
  8. When you finish building/buying an AR, what is something little you just have to twerk to make your own? A new grip? A better charging handle? I have a little Visa gift card and I am looking for somthing to make my rifle a little more comfortable. My stock grip is horrible and that charging handle is sure hard to get a hold of.
  9. Soooo, My DD Omega rail came in today and it doesn't fit. I guess back to the grinder. But there is not way I am taking that thing off again. Ill leave it on for further trimming.
  10. Final product. I used some high temp flat black paint but the paint started rubbing of when it got some gun oil on it, so I'll probably repaint it.
  11. Thanks, I may get it back into the vise this afternoon.
  12. Started this morning. It's not amazing, but it will work.
  13. I got it out. I just had to use a smaller pin than I thought. Tomorrow the cutting and grinding begins.
  14. I can't seem to get the gas tube pin out. Any suggestions?
  15. Well, the whole thing actually. I am going to make it into a pinned low profile gas block. In the process, I have already gotten it removed from my rifle barrel. What are some things to watch out for when doing this? I know that I cant get into the gas chamber. Is that about it?
  16. I am planning to shave the front sight post on my mid-length upper and I was wondering if this would be possible to do while the post is still on the gun.
  17. The only thing I was "stand-offish" about was the fact that it is a two piece. But all the reviews say that it locks up solid.
  18. I found a DD Omega rail slightly used for a little over $200. I think I'm going to move on it.
  19. So, you can mount a little rail wherever you want on the bottom or the sides?
  20. There seems to be a lot of you guys that like the modular rails. I'm not totally opposed to it, I just don't know how well the add on rails attach and hold tight. I was only thinking quad rail because I wasn't sure where I would want to mount a vertical grip or a light. It would for sure have to have a full length top rail. I have a 16" mid length that I plan to convert the front sight post to a low profile gas block and do a 12" rail.
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