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  1. How in the living heck can you grip those to shoot? Move on down here to the gun friendly south! Best decision I ever made...
  2. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    Alright! Took this sucker to the range yesterday and she fires! Woohoo! Here are some thoughts... Didn't do any barrel break in. I'm not trying to start an argument here as I have read both sides of the story. I have a very good friend in law enforcement who used to be a military sniper...in fact...a good one. We are talking close to Chris Kyle good. He told me he never worries about breaking in a barrel. So if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me. (He uses Noveske barrels though...prolly a tad better than mine!) Took a number of shots to get the gas block dialed in. I had to open it up a couple turns to get it to cycle properly. That was a bit of a PIA. Honesty, I think it needs some more tweaking as the amount of carbon left after firing about 150 rds was a lot. Not sure if that is normal? There seemed to be more carbon then maybe there should have been? Lots around all the gas tube joints and don't even get me started about the carbon build up under the gas tube in the upper...gotta be a better way to clean that. The sloped nose section of the bolt has so much carbon I had to scrape it off...that can't be right... (ammo was American Eagle .223 and PMC XTAC 5.56) We shot at an indoor range and therefore we maxed out at 20 yds. With the iron sights we could get fairly repeatable results with some shots touching the hole from the last one. I think a scope or sight is in my future to really dial it in. I'd like to be EASILY hitting a dinner plate at 100yds. I moved the sloped hand guard hold forward a bit. Feels better. I might go with a normal, low profile gas block. Getting the handguard on and off with the JP unit is a PIA. Probably need to go to cleaning school. Took me 3 hours and I wasn't very happy with the results. I'm sure some digging here will help. Thanks for all the kind words. I'm happy to be part of the community. Ask away if you have questions.
  3. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    Sorry to say this still has not been shot. We had travel hockey or holiday travel every weekend since we built it. Sigh... Was going to try and find a place to shoot today and we have snow and ice here in the south. If I wanted to se that white crap I would move back to Milichigan... We are both dying to shoot it. Maybe in spring...
  4. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    Gun guru moved the barrel nut just a tick and now the gas tube lines up perfectly. All other items are "check". Good to go. Looking for a place to shoot it. Will update as soon as we shoot it.
  5. lobster

    check headspace on build?

    Well I can give perhaps a different perspective. My son and I just finished our first build ever and I got a little wanky about just trusting the head space without checking it. I took mine to local gun ship and asked them to check it for me. They ended up doing it for free, although in exchange I told them I would buy some stuff from their store...which I did for about $100...so we both win. Turns out our build was fine which might make all the responses above totally right. But I'm anal and I checked it anyway and now I feel better. The interesting thing is I don't think there is a way to fix head space if there is a problem, so if mine was out I have no idea what I would have done. Hope this helps.
  6. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    She's done! Sorry about the lame picture...only one I have. She is all done and function checks 100%. I'm going to take it to a local gun builder to check the headspace and give it a quick once over before we fire it. I do have a few issues: The take down pins are crazy tight in their bores. I'm not sure if maybe the cerakote added a few mills and they need to break in to loosen up? You can see we chose the std black grip. Hardest part of the build was getting the small roll pin in the bore of the charging handle. The gas tube enters the upper part of the upper receiver on a slight angle. I suspect the position of the barrel nut might be able to fix it, but it appears to function just fine so I am not sure if I am going to mess with it. The position handle / lever on the stock works in reverse. You have to pull it down to move the stock and that is awkward. as soon as we fire it I will report back. Comments?
  7. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    Finally started building tonight... My son working the barrel wrench. Notice the Brownells step by step videos in the background... Here we are with the upper, barrel, and hand guard together...the pic below is a mock up with some extra stuff kinda just stuck there for show. Little ticked about the lack of FDE color match with the grip...oh well. Also played a little heck with the gas block. Good thing I ordered an extra gas block roll pin as we boogered up the first one. I need to do a little testing with my air compressor to make sure the gas holes are lined up. Outside of that, things are going fairly well. We are going slow and trying to make sure we don't break nuttin!
  8. lobster

    Slidefire ?

    That frickin guy is good. Holy smokes... What sling is he using? That thing looks very useful
  9. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    My son and I built the work table today... Man I hate living in an apt... But now we have a spot to build. Took the PSA lower to a local place to have it Cerakoted yesterday. Once that is back and the final couple orders, we should be ready to build.
  10. lobster

    Stupid Palmetto State Armory

    Just getting into building ARs...first build is kinda underway. The daily deal drives me nuts....seems everyday I could spend about $400 there... I was going to build just one, but I may end up with three!
  11. lobster

    Any Upstate SC Folks

    Greenville now, Simpsonville as soon as my house is built. Anyone close feel like helping me check headspace in my soon to be built AR in exchange for a six package?
  12. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    I think I got all my parts together (at least ordered) Troy Alpha 13" free float handguard JP low profile adjustable gas block Vltor IMOD butt stock assm DPMS flash hider DPMS barrel nut Gonna try and go find my vice in storage...yay...and set up my workbench in the apt garage...yay twice I'm still a little wanky about checking headspace. Even if it is wrong, I'm not sure how to fix it. I might just take it to a gunsmith once built to ease my mind. If my son is going to be shooting it, I want it to be safe. Oh yeah...need ammo and magazines...
  13. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    Well, its on the way. If it's junk then I guess I will chalk it up to lessons learned. It seemed like a decent deal and had good reviews. If mine can't hit a paper plate at 100yds it might be operator error.... I'll certainly post my thoughts.
  14. lobster

    Father / Son Build

    New order today... PSA Defender MOE parts kit with polished trigger (x2) Radical firearms stainless 16" barrell 5.56 WMD stripped upper in flat dark earth bench mat nylon/brass hammer roll pin punches roll pin holders upper action block
  15. lobster

    Father / Son Build