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  1. KBar87


    I've been trying to find a FN F2000 I've looked everywhere does anyone know where I can find one?
  2. KBar87

    Have I completely missed the AR boat?

    seeing that your in mississippi also I'll let you in on a secret I've found. I've found about 11 different ARs on craigslist. I think the closest one I've found near you is hattiesburg, Bur dont here on the coast its seem everyone is selling they're rifle
  3. KBar87

    40 rd mag issues

    I fixed the mag issue and now it works like a charm
  4. KBar87

    40 rd mag issues

    I think i fixed it filed the corners and it seems to be cycling rounds now im just waiting for the follower to come in the mail
  5. KBar87

    40 rd mag issues

    my second picture is kinda blurry but see that shiny glimmer on the top left on the right mag thats where its getting hung up
  6. KBar87

    40 rd mag issues

    i've tried it with a few different types of rounds; blanks, dummy, live. I've both riding the charging handle forward and the normal tap rack bang, but still getting caught on the back. I'm thinking filing the the 2 corners a lil bit might work
  7. KBar87

    a good gun cleaning kit.

    I use my military issued otis kit works for all my calibers, fits perfectly in any range bag or box heres a link otis technology
  8. I just got this 40 rd metal mag from a friend after comparing it to a few of my 30 rounders i noticed the top is a little different and after a function check my bolt won't go forward its getting stuck at the back of the mag anyone know anything about this mag. It has no writing on it so I cant find any reviews or fixes for this mags heres a few pics maybe somebody can help me. 40 rd on right in second pic
  9. I can't use the search yet so I thought I would start a thread here. I've seen some ARs and a few other firearms with a textured trigger(grooves cut in for enhanced grip. I cant find one anywhere or a guide to do it myself via dremel with thin grinding wheels lol