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  1. dwm2112

    FINALLY got pics

    Nice rifles!
  2. dwm2112

    Need some compariables

    I just purchased a Daniel Defense M4V4 and am really happy with it thus far. It is a 16 and not the 20 but I think you would happy with the mid-lengths.
  3. dwm2112

    New Guy

    I like the rifle and what you have done with it.
  4. dwm2112

    New to the forum

    Just joined the forum tonight. I currently own 2 AR's. A 4 year old Bushmaster M4A3 and this past weekend added a Daniel Defense M4V4 along with an EOTech XPS2. Also have had an Romanian AK for a long time but that is about it for me and long guns. I have been much more into handguns but with a recent relocation back to Colorado and am hoping to get more into the long guns.