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  1. i just finished buying all the parts for my first build. i got an anderson lower, with a psa lower parts kit, milspec psa buffer tube, psa upper 1:7 twist. all magpul furnature and a vortex sparc optic i cant wait to put it all together
  2. http://www.sigsauer.com/CatalogProductDetails/m400.aspx thats one im looking at
  3. alright i found a killer deal on a new sig sauer m400 is that an better? thing looks light years over the other options
  4. what do those other manufactures have that the s&w m&p doesnt?
  5. my range is slightly nunder 1000 like 850sh the have api hd16, bushmaster, olympic arms plinker and s&w m and p sport any o those?
  6. lol m keyborad buttons stck and work only 1/2 the time local place has a bushmaster them any count?
  7. also havent been able t find many for sale new or already built. whats typical price range for decen ar15 new?
  8. great what abut parts availability id hate to start building one and not find all the parts i need
  9. i am new to the assault rifle world am wanting one real bad. as all yall know times are gettng worse and gun cntrol increasing i wanna bu or build one what all do i need to know? everywhere i go i see all parts sold out or backorder is there hope to get one? a few guys aat chrch starting a group and i the onl one wthout one so with xmas im gunna get me one if possible its just overwhelming all that needed where to start?
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