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  1. My guys on my shift are big into range shooting and hunting as I'm to more range than hunting lately because of the little one running around and the other playing hockey.
  2. hey guys thanks for the input and advice I think its a good choice instead of a tier 1 I guess if I was loaded I would buy a tier 1 but as usaul most of us aren't. Thanks again guys off to another hockey game for my kid thats were most of the money goes LOL.
  3. Hey guys new to the site but i'm in the process of purchasing a rock river ar-15. Just lookin for some input on them been doing my homework on the ar family and I think that for the money it is a good gun for me. Have to put the little one down on dad duty tonight so mabey talk tomorrow.
  4. I Guess there isn't anybody out there ?
  5. Good afternoon everybody new at this site.
  6. Good afternoon got a late start just joined your guys site its cool.
  7. My guys say they are cops because they could'nt pass the fire exam. lol going joke out by me
  8. where are you located at I'm north border of chicago.
  9. I have friends that do both in acouple areas out by me.
  10. I'll be on shift so if anybody replies it might be a while for me. Just let you know I'm in the process of buying a new ar-15 and I'm looking at the Stag model 8l. Any suggetions let me know.
  11. Hey guys just looking to see how many of us are out there.
  12. let me know what you purchase and if you like it like get some feed back.
  13. I been doing alot of research on my first ar and I talked with my buddys on the police side they say a good gun for the price is the stag ar i'm personally looking at the model 8.
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