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  1. viclava

    one armed police cadet?

    She would not get through Washington State BLEA with that disability.
  2. Just had to post another one of my cycles.
  3. viclava


    Looking for fellow enthusiasts in the North Central Washington area.
  4. I had two friends who were brothers once upon a time I met in college, that said they were Kickapoo Indian. Well, their dad was and their mother was Korean. The dad was killed in Korea by friendly fire and they never knew him. I was wondering is there such a tribe and where would they be from? Thx
  5. viclava


    What's the best economical pistol light to buy with a strobe feature? thx
  6. viclava

    Survival packs

    What's a good urban/wilderness survival pack to buy? Thx
  7. viclava

    new guy

    Was wondering if I wanted to hunt archery season, what would the start up cost be for a beginner? Thx
  8. viclava


    Hi, new to the forum. pretty cool this site has such diverse topics. I am a 20+ year LEO that has also served on our Search & Rescue unit for 15 years now. Love to hike for work and pleasure. Cheers
  9. viclava

    Grateful for military

    Just wanted to say I'm very grateful for our military. God bless them those who serve and their families. Cheers
  10. viclava

    New to forum LEO

    Hi, Just joined and have 20+ years as a deputy sheriff and still going strong. Love my job, and can't imagine doing anything else. Ok, I lie, sometimes I do. My son said to me when he was younger, "Dad, I sure wish you just flipped burgers sometimes." My response, "me too son, me too." Stay Safe
  11. Howdy from a new guy who likes guns and Bikes.
  12. viclava

    New Guy

    Howdy, Just joined the forum. Looking forward to gleaning all kinds of useful information from the site. Scott