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  1. Thanks guys for all your help...I have some Mobil 1 as I use it in my Jeep..I'll give that a try next week....Exracer
  2. I've been watching, reading and learning alot from you guys. Thanks for all the great info. I have been shooting my Colt pre-ban for the last month and can't seem to find an oil that I like for the BCG. What do you guys like for just semi-auto use and running about 50rnds per range visit and then cleaning? I'm working on reloads for accuracy at this time and not shooting alot per visit. I've read that it should be run wet but how much is to wet? I'm a newb with this rifle but I think I'm hooked..they are fun to shoot. I have been all handgun for years but found a new addition to my hobbie...Thanks for your input in advance. ....Exracer
  3. Thanks everyone for all the help. I'll send the upper 16" and no mags.. Too much trouble, he can find others online....Exracer
  4. I have sold some AR15 parts to a California resident. Not sure if I can send them to him? Parts are a Colt complete 16" Hbar upper only from a mod#6721. Also 3x 30rnd mags. I guessing the mags aren't allowed? If anyone knows of a webb site that has the shipping laws for that state I'd be real grateful..Thanks in advance------Exracer :finsweat:
  5. Expecting delivery Friday sometime.. Probably go to the range next week :oh yea: I need to learn how to do pics yet.. I'll post with results, Thanks-----Ex
  6. Thanks Nearly----------Great site/Great people-------Ex.
  7. Thanks everyone for the great welcome.. I will need to learn how to do pics. Havn't done that yet. Will have my BR late next week maybe Friday I hope. Bought a three boxes of ammo today just to get started. I should post another thread asking if there is any break in procedures on a new Colt AR.. Built alot of race motors and they got broke in when the green flag came out. ---------Later-----Exracer
  8. Thanks Newbe, I bought a new Colt AR 6721 Tac Carbine yesterday. Most freinds and forums said I can't go wrong with a Colt.. I had a Colt Python Nickle 6in bbl purchased in 1985, just sold it recently. It made more equity than gold would have...Good Name not crap from China and werever else...Thanks for your help and I'll be hanging around------Exracer
  9. NOOB here. Been watching and reading your forum lately. Some great info here. I've been into handguns since 1985 and now I'm getting the BR itch. Never studied rifles much. I am watching an auction on gunbroker for a New Colt AR6721 A3 Tactical Carbine HBar 556 nato. Its selling for around $1100 with shipping. I am looking to do some target shooting, HD, and have as a collectable maybe? Probably not more than 300/400 rnds a year. I want a quality peice that will hold its value some. I have read some good things about RRA also as to fit and quality but not a name like Colt for future value? The models I like are with the removable carry handle, 16in HBAR w/ flash hider, Std non adjustable butt stock like the original M-16 look. The 20in bbl is ok also as long as its threaded for hider. The colt I'm watching has a Rogers adj butt stock so I would try it bofore I condemed it. Any and all help/info would be greatly appreciated.......Exracer
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