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  1. I know these same questions get asked multiple times but I need help from the brotherhood on my first build. Ive managed to complete my lower and upper without a problem but now I am tasked with the uestion is, and im sure no one will give me anything less than a sarcastic answer but I figured id try, is there a fairly cheap gas block for a cheap build that will work, because as many reviews I have read say otherwise...im looking for a rail height gas block .750 that is durable ive seen the 12 dollar crap on amazon I know there is garbage out there im just looking to stay under 50 bucks for a rail height gas block that is worthy...next build I will be back to ask about low-profile gas blocks, but until then help a brother out.
  2. True, but what the liberal media doesn't cover is beating deaths of old folks or stabbings of waitresses for their measly tip money. If it isn't gun related it hits the back burner, sure some stuff hits FauxNews, but only the gun stuff or race on race crime earns top priority.
  3. In my experience, female leos, especially the butchy ones, are the nicest.
  4. I know, the pictures suck, very blurry I know. I was having a problem just getting the scratch to show up and the light was producing too much reflection on the bullet itself. I'm actually considering what redbarron said because i'm not exactly sure how many rounds were in the mag I grabbed, it may have been full, it may have been half full. It was a USGI mag too i'm pretty sure, maybe I should ttry this again in a pmag and see if the same thing happens with maybe half capacity or is this maybe normal like GunslingerSteve said? I guess I have just never noticed this before if its commonplace, it just seems to me that a scratched or gouged jacket would affect accuracy, and if it's from using a full 30 rd USGI mag, would it help to only put 25 or 26 in? Seems silly if it's a 30 rounder, I dunno, sorry the pics are so blurry but i'd appreciate whatever feedback, thanks guys.
  5. I know these pictures aren't great but it's the best I can get with my phone. If you look closely you can see the spiral line well maybe more of a squiggly line. I couldn't get the very tip where it got kind of gouged into focus.
  6. Question for the brotherhood...a buddy of mine is trying to sell a build he did, keep in mind this is not a close friend or anything but more of a like-minded gunbuddy, he asked me if I were interested so I said let me hold it for a couple days maybe put a few rounds through it and i'd let him know. So i get it home, look it over, fit and finish seem nice, more so the fit than the finish, but I can get over that. Being it was nighttime and shooting it wasn't an option, I stuck a mag with a couple rounds in it just to see how well it operated, well the first round didn't seat properly when I first charged it even with forward assist, so I ejected that round and tried again, the second round was fine, dropped the mag and ejected the round, well when I picked the two rounds up off the bench, I noticed they had scars on the jacket sort of almost spiral and one actually had a sort of gouge on the tip. Something tells me this is no bueno, so I haven't given it a test fire. Anybody explain what i'm dealing with here?
  7. Are you suggesting I use the bags as coffee filters? Did SHTF and nobody told me? I can buy two years worth of coffee filters from the dollar store for a couple bucks. If you really want some, let me know, i'll send you some no kidding.
  8. And just where might I acquire said gold? Is King Midas having a blowout sale i'm unaware of? And if I could acquire enough gold to fill several hundred bags, I'd throw one hell of a party for the Armory! I shat you not!
  9. Where do you think they are all stored? I figured that was obvious. About 17 to 20 per bag
  10. Now thats a pretty good idea! I've always used old t-shirts but this sounds promising, good idea man!
  11. That's a pretty big spare tire.
  12. Such as "Excuse me, while I kiss this guy".
  13. For some odd reason, I have been saving Crown bags for years, I just can't seem to bring myself to throw them away, they just have a purpose appeal to them. They don't make them like they used to, they used to be real velvety (is that even a word?) now they are kinda feltish? (again, a word?) So i have several hundred of these things wadded up taking up space and i need to find a practical use for them or they are going in the trash. If I were a kid, i'd keep my marbles in them (wait, do kids still play marbles?) i've usd some to keep random stuff in like silver coins and small valuables in, but thats about it, oh, I do put an ice pack in them also for backaches in the recliner...I know this is stupid but hey, I figure who else better to ask than good Armory folk.
  14. If my pressure cooker comes with instructions in Arabic, will that get me put on the list? There is a list right? That's what i'm getting here.
  15. I sound just like this guy during my commute in morning traffic, it's how I communicate with stupid drivers.
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