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  1. Rexwagon

    WTB Inexpensive 1-4x optic

    Are you still looking for one. I might let go of my Vortex crossfire2 1-4
  2. Rexwagon

    Lots of stuff for sale

    whats the deal with the 2nd chance vest?
  3. stealth gear inside waist band for all my carry guns. I also have Mitch rosens for OWB holsters. I have situational dependent holsters. They all work great. I have a drawer full of holsters that didn't live up to the hype
  4. Rexwagon

    Manchester England terror attack at concert 19 dead

    Arianna is a liberal American pop star who has been on tape saying she hates America and americans. shes pro muslim and anti trump. Karma is a beotch.
  5. Rexwagon

    Form 4 Approved!!!!

    Congrats. ATF cashed my check last week. only 6-9 months to go
  6. Rexwagon

    High end optic guys?

    High end optics typically are built to withstand combat situations, therefore proceed with zero worries.
  7. Rexwagon

    PSA issue

    Relax. PSA will do you right
  8. you must be high Military use Assault weapons. In order for it to be an assault weapon it requires Select fire capabilities. No reason any military would want to use an AR15 when they could go pick any semi-auto weapon. Select fire, barrel length, and components are everything. Lots of companies advertise something as mil-spec but very few would handle the abuse and sustain the longevity of a real M16. The Average ar15 is a great rifle. But its no weapon of war.
  9. Rexwagon

    F-1 Firearms .308 AR Build

    Dude you cannot show me pictures like this. Straight sex. Now I want one.
  10. Rexwagon

    Anyone have a CZ P09

    what issues did you have? did you return it to the store and they took it back?
  11. Rexwagon

    Waiting outside my LGS

    NICE Haul. You scored big
  12. Rexwagon

    Anyone have a CZ P09

    From reading it seems the are basically the same just the p09 is larger? How has the accuracy been for you? It will be a range gun for me.
  13. Rexwagon

    Anyone have a CZ P09

    I am looking at picking up a CZ P09. The gray framed model that is suppressor ready. Never owned a cz before. Online reviews seem to show that is a solid combat/duty pistol. Just wondering if anyone has one and what they thought of it. Thanks
  14. Rexwagon

    Ruger 6mm Predator is on the way

    so how does it shoot, Inquiring minds want to see