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  1. Thanks guys, both astute observations. I decided that this is no longer NIB with a takedown scratch, and already know that with that it is not all that collectible. This guy really thought he had something (as you see this post is over a year old) so have moved-on. Haven't found any gun deals in some time, but I think we are in a high portion of the demand cycle. But maybe I am wrong and we will never see another trough in the curve. It is good advice to trade-up but I am so weary of gun show buyers looking to buy sucker-low and sell at sucker-high. I've about given up with that strategy. That all said, I am still curious about the E suffix. It may be a way to spot hidden extra value.
  2. Hey guys, in researching a potential buy On a DEGC, I compared this one with another and have a question. I recently inspected one with a machine etched or stipled engraved serial number in digital format ending in E and it is the only one that I have seen. Is this E for enhanced from the custom shop or something or maybe just a late end of the run? Every other one I have seen has standard stamped serialization. Second, if shopping a NIB unfired DEGC all paperwork and 2 mags with a very light take-down scratch in the trigger relief area what would some of you estimate it to be worth? I can only find one that has recently sold at auction.
  3. Now blaming this in the DE chamber seems a little silly absent more evidence. Where, with what other manfacturer's loads of similar ballistics have others experienced a consistant problem when shooting full power loads with a DE? Wouldn't one think that Colt themselves would have had problems during development and pressure testing if it is/was a problem with the chamber? Seems pretty obvious they got a bad lot of brass. Maybe the DE doesn't have as robust a chamber to compensate for other non-spec items, but there are too many old DE's out there that were shot when full power loads wer ethe norm that would have lead to a recall for the DE if it were in fact the pistol/chamber. I don't condemn BVAC for trying to do the safest thing in the face of liability but question the profoundness of their analytical thinking here. I have a lot of 500 180 gr made using TOPBRASS from around that time and am hoping it's the 1200FPS but will probably never know. I guess nobody ever did pull bullets and cut the offending brass in half to evaluate the cartridge integrity? I suppose metallurgy could play a factor as well.
  4. I just asked in one other thread and then noticed this would seem to be a more appropriate place to do so. Does anyone have any feedback on the poly frame EAA witness?
  5. Does anybody have feedback on the poly frame witness? I looked, and wanted to do a search but don't have enough posts to do a search Looking for a higher cap lighter carry gun and this seems like a good option short of a P16 .40 conversion.
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